The Recent Developments of Sloan

It has been a long time since I wrote an update on Sloan. As she approaches 17 months, it is plainly obvious that she is no longer a baby – rather, she is a full functioning toddler. But I look at her as more than just a toddler. I see Sloan as a miniature human with actual thoughts, ideas, emotions, and wants. It is incredible how she can understand us and grasp concepts.

Sloan isn’t a baby anymore.

For tonight’s blog post, I want to quickly list 10 ways in which Sloan connects and engages with us on a daily basis.

Our daughter is showing no signs of slowing down.

Puts on our shoes – If Sloan wants to go somewhere, she will go to the closet and bring us our shoes. She might bring me non-matching sneakers or two left foot shoes, but she knows that in order to leave the house, we can’t go out barefoot. She will even try to put them on for us.

Sloan loves to be outside and will let her intention be known by bringing us our shoes.

Covers us in a blanket – Sloan knows how comforting it is to snuggle under a blanket. If Sid is watching TV on the couch, our daughter will use all her might to haul over a cozy blanket and drape it on her.

Expresses when she is finished eating – When Sloan has had her fill at lunch or dinner, she will rub her hands together and say “all done!” Sure, it is a little irritating when she says it after just taking a couple bites but it is meaningful communication at the very least. “All done” has actually now extended past the dining room table. If she is tired of a toy or gets impatient while we change her diaper, she will make the motion with her hands and say the two magic words.

If Sloan is finished with dinner or a bottle, she will clasp her hands together and say “all done.”

The actual two magic words – It warms our hearts every time Sloan says “thank you.” She overuses it a bit because she will say it when she gives us something, but our thinking is that saying it too much is better than not saying it at all. We are happy that Sloan has learned how to express gratitude and we hope she continues to do so.

Sloan is very gracious…to humans and animals.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit – Taking Sloan to church and praying with her daily has paid off. She can now do the Sign of the Cross. It might not be as pronounced as when the Pope does it, but she has the general idea. Additionally, when we take her to mass, she points to the baptismal fountain and makes sure that we bless her with holy water.

Throwback photo to Sloan with her rosary. She is now able to start and finish the prayer because she knows the Sign of the Cross.

Showing Affection – Nothing is better than receiving love from your little girl. Sloan has blown kisses for several months but she will now give real hugs and kisses. Talk about sweet!

Sloan is very affectionate and happy.

Tech Baby – We have to develop a plan to limit Sloan’s use of our devices but for the time being she has figured out how to use an iPhone. She is skilled at swiping and has taken several selfies. If she is not engaging with the screen of the phone, then she is holding it up to her ear and saying “hello.”

No, No – There is never a doubt if Sloan doesn’t like something or if she wants to change the behavior of someone else. With a piercing look, Sloan will make eye contact and say “no, no” (as if the first “no” wasn’t enough). She says it so much that Sid and I now say it to each other!

Sloan likes to be in charge and if she sees something she doesn’t like, be prepared for “no, no.”

This little piggy went to… – Did you ever play the this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, etc. game with your toes? We play it with Sloan all the time and now she plays it with us! Last night, Sid and I were in our night time clothes watching a movie and our daughter went from one foot to the other, pulling our toes and saying the rhyme the best way that she could. It was 100% cuteness.

Fashion diva – Sloan loves to brush her hair! She used to carry around the brush we got for her at the hospital when she was born but she has since graduated to more sophisticated beauty tools. She will walk around the house carrying one of those hand mirrors while using either Sid’s brush or my brush to make sure her hair looks just right. Hey, her curly mane is tough to handle!

That is enough on Sloan for now, she has to go to bed. Thanks for reading!


Watching your child transition from a baby to a toddler is sad in some ways but very joyful in others. We enjoy watching Sloan develop and hope she continues to grow at a healthy pace. Don’t Blink.

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