Back At It

Exactly three weeks ago, I sat here writing about a particular stretch of fun I was about to embark on. It was a much anticipated half month of vacation, a period of time that would see me travel cross country to see my family and also travel to a cozy lake spot in South Carolina to spend several days with Sid’s family. In between those two trips, I did a couple of other things as well.

But we are now well into August and my whirlwind of a summer vacation extravaganza is now over. To be honest, it is probably for the best.

Think about doughnuts or those really good frosted sugar cookies. The first couple you eat are delicious. You keep eating them and they still taste pretty good. Once you have finished off a box, however, you start to feel a little guilty.

It is in my nature to want to work. If I am not in the office (when there is work to be done) or sticking to my regimen in the gym, I get very antsy. Although I can convince myself to take breaks every now and then while thoroughly enjoying the time I away, there is a limit to this bliss.

Although I worked a couple days in between vacations, I was basically out of the office for a span of three weeks. When I returned to Myrtle Beach for good last Thursday night, I was ready to get back at it.

Come the next day, I was given that opportunity. Friday was summer commencement at CCU so I had a 12 hour day that culminated with a graduation ceremony that evening. It was the perfect week to get my feet wet again.

But today was the start of the first full week of work for me in what seemed like ages. I am back on a normal schedule and ready to rock again. Vacations are meant to re-charge and my late July odyssey did just the trick.

With so much to look forward to, my refreshed self is ready to take on this busy time that comes each year when classes start back up at Coastal and Sid’s school year begins. All I have to say is bring it on. Don’t Blink.

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