A Quirky and Fun Instagram Food Account

I usually don’t write a whole blog post to promote a random Instagram account but tonight is an exception.

When I posted about Blueberry Pancake Crunch, I followed the hashtag (#BlueberryPancakeCapnCrunch) and came across @mnmtwinz, an account shared by two dudes named Marcus and Matthew who happen to be identical twins. Don’t worry, they aren’t posting selfies or dog photos – they are posting food.

This is the post that made me aware of the @mnmtwinz Instagram account.

It is no secret that I enjoy a good food social media account. However, @mnmtwinz might be my favorite. Why? Because what they do is so unique.

The @mnmtwinz account is wacky and fun. They post photos of product offshoots and unlikely combinations.

If you browse @mnmtwinz, you will quickly discover the account’s concept. Marcus and Matthew (it sounds like I know them, but I don’t) review snack foods and fast food. However, there is much more to it than that.

Who else would review Reptar bars and Reptar cereal?

Most of the snacks and fast food items they review are offshoots from popular products. For example, they recently reviewed the new Oreo flavors – kettle corn, cherry cola, and pina colada. They also did new M&M varieties – raspberry, mint, and espresso. Another time they did the numerous varieties of Brisk iced tea.

The @mnmtwinz account will review the obscure offshoot offerings of big time products.

Aside from the varieties of one snack, another direction the account will take is pairing various foods together. Usually the combinations are quirky and fun. For example, one recent image had Fanta, a rare type of Doritos, a chocolate fudge sundae Kit Kat bar, and homemade cheeseburgers. Another one had Arizona Half & Half, a Japanese variety of Cheetos, chicken sandwiches, and the new Reese’s Outrageously Stuffed Reese’s Pieces candy bar. Of course, the portions are always made for two.

The combinations might seem a little odd but there is usually always a theme.

The photography puts the focus on the products that are featured. Snacks are usually pictured both in and out of the package. Sometimes they have to squeeze a lot in a single image but the food is always laid out masterfully. The backdrop is usually mundane (purposefully) to spotlight the food.

The photos are usually taken against a black backdrop on a grayish floor. Gotta love seeing Jolt in a can!

Although Instagram is mostly about photos, the twins don’t slack on the text. You will immediately find out that they are very skilled reviewers. They describe the tastes and compositions of the products in amazing detail. They also format their captions in a clear and readable manner.

These guys are just too passionate and too creative!

If you like junk food and you are active on Instagram, you need to follow @mnmtwinz. They do an absolutely incredible job. Don’t Blink.

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