When They Go Low, We Go…?

For those long time readers of Don’t Blink, you know I don’t get political in this blog. As someone who leans more toward the middle than anywhere else, I don’t find the need to alienate my readers. However, even though I won’t take a position on policy, I will comment from time to time on political trends and controversies.

A lot has been made about the White House Correspondents’ Dinner over the weekend. The biggest point of contention was when a comedian took the stage and grilled Sarah Sanders, our country’s press secretary. With President Trump opting not to attend such social functions as the WHCD, the target naturally fell on the back of Sanders, who was present at the dinner.

I won’t speak about my personal opinion of whether the comedian’s routine crossed the line. However, I will say this: In Washington these days, no side can lay claim to taking the high road. This isn’t even disputable. Michelle Obama once tried to say “When they go low, we go high.” Nonsense. It doesn’t matter if you support the Democrat or Republican party, both sides resort to the lowest of the low. None of us have a firm grasp on that elusive moral compass.

On the campaign trail, President Trump made it clear that he was not a typical politically correct politician. He made numerous inappropriate comments and offended many. But instead of allowing his missteps to get the best of him, the other side, including the mainstream media, played right into Trump’s strategy and got into the mud with him. Despite Michelle Obama’s well-intentioned speech, no one went high.

The hatred directed at Trump from his political enemies and the mainstream media seemed to have an impact that helped our current president. In addition to other factors that led to the biggest presidential election surprise ever, many people adopted an attitude along the lines of “The more you hate him, the more I like him.”

When I was reading about the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a tweet was embedded in one of the articles. It served as a reminder and warning for those who don’t want to see President Trump in the White House through 2024.

Those that don’t want Trump past 2020 (if he makes it that far) must heed this warning.

The venom directed at the current administration is intense. The media, the Left, and Twitter warriors are mad that President Trump is able to employ the same behavior and nonconventional strategy he used on the campaign trail in our country’s highest office. But adding an even stronger layer of poison to their venom is frustration. No one ever anticipated, especially this blogger, that President Trump would enjoy as much success as he has already achieved. It drives so many of us bonkers. He was supposed to be removed from office within his first year, right?

But here is the thing: I don’t think his breakthroughs will be enough to get him re-elected if he continues to throw an unconventional attitude in all of our faces. At the end of his first term, voters could very well be sick of the Trump demeanor.

However, this will only work if people who don’t support Trump heed the warning of Tim Young. Right now, there is no difference between the two sides. Both sectors are guilty of mud-slinging, and the anger from people who despise Trump is threatening once again to have a reverse-effect. To those who want Trump out of office in 2020: Give credit where it is due, don’t let social media get the best of you, and don’t stoop to the level that you profess to hate. Don’t Blink.

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