Wait, People Actually Shower at Night?

Yesterday on the way home from work, I was listening to an FM radio station. When the song I was listening to ended, the radio personality came on the air before sending the station to a 10 minute commercial break. Usually I skip the DJ banter but this time his hook actually caught me.

He brought up the issue of showering, specifically a question about when it is best to do it. According to scientfic research (and you can never trust these radio people so I actually looked it up to confirm what he said), it is better to shower at night as opposed to in the morning. Although I ended up finding many reasons for why this is the case, the predominant one is that taking a shower at night helps communicate to your senses that it is time to go to sleep. In other words, bathing will help you naturally fall asleep.

I read it and thought “Okay, cool. Obviously it is better to shower at night, neat fact. Not like it is going to make me or everyone else on the planet stop taking our shower in the morning.”

My worldview was about to be crushed. The DJ then said something along the lines of “Most Americans are heeding this advice” by pointing to an ultra-scientific Buzzfeed poll that had 64% of the respondents claiming they take their primary shower at night. What?! I almost swerved off the road.

Seriously?! Over 90,000 people shower at night?

I understand what the scientists and health experts say. It sounds indisputable that it is better to take a shower/bath at night than in the morning. But that doesn’t mean I expected people to actually go along with that routine.

Scientific research be damned, I simply don’t know how people can get out of their bed in the morning and head straight to their office job without taking a quick shower first. Like, doesn’t that feel weird?

Before I start a day, especially when it revolves being around people, I much prefer to take a shower in the morning. To me, it just seems to improve my confidence, comfort, and personal hygeine. Rolling out of bed, throwing on clothes, and jumping in the car seems unnatural to me.

But, one thing I know is this: Just because something seems foreign to me, doesn’t mean it isn’t natural for someone else. In this case, it looks like that “someone else” outnumbers me by over 30%. I just had no clue. As someone who grew up with a family, lived with roommates, and has a wife who all opt to shower at the same time of day as me, I was just a little shocked at how many people prefer to hop in the shower at night.

And please, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing better than taking a hot shower in the evening after a long and sweaty day. During the Carolina summers, I do it a lot – I also shower the next morning too. The point of this blog post is to pick the brains of the people who take their single primary shower at night.

So, this all brings me to my question: To the majority of America – Besides the small issue of scientific evidence saying you should, why do you choose to shower at night?

Don’t know if any of the responses will convert me from my longstanding routine but I am sure as heck curious to know. Don’t Blink.

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