Imagination Thursday Rundown

When I write next week’s Thursday Rundown, it will already be the month of May! But that Thursday Rundown is not the one that is important right now; it is this one! Let’s get started…

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library – A year ago, I briefly mentioned Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library but tonight I want to outright promote it. The program is probably the greatest thing ever. You sign up your baby online and from that point until she turns 5, a book will arrive in the mailbox every month. It is 100% free. The books that you will receive are all age appropriate and are a mix of classic children’s books and more modern selections. Sloan’s little personal library is rapidly growing but her Imagination Library books are some of the ones we read to her over and over. If your state is part of the program (South Carolina is), I highly recommend signing up your child.

Sloan “reading” the Dolly Parton Imagination book she received in the mail this week, “Let’s Count.”

Paducah, Kentucky – Late April is the time of the year when I reminisce about the cross country trip I took with my dad when I moved to Myrtle Beach. Four years ago on this date we inched close to what would become my new home, calling it a day and parking the U-Haul in a place called Paducah, Kentucky. We spent the evening relaxing in Paducah’s downtown area eating steaks and admiring the atmosphere. After our food settled, we were ready to head back to our hotel as the 600+ miles we had traveled that day started to catch up with us. As we waited for a cab, we watched a horse-drawn carriage trot by.

A few photos from our short stay in Paducah, Kentucky.

Thanks For The…Umm…Compliment? – Our social media program has received a lot of recognition over the past four years but I don’t know how to take the latest “honor.” This week, a web estate auditing company called eQAfy released findings on the data it collected on the social media programs of all universities in the country. It turned out that our #CCUSocialMedia program leads the entire nation in total Instagram posts. I rather be at the top for engagement or followers (such reports will come out over the next couple months) but I guess this latest report shows that we are definitely active on what I think is the most relevant social media channel in higher education.

When notified of our “accomplishment,” our Twitter account responded in this way.

Subway Wraps – Did you know Subway now offers wraps?! As the restaurant chain continues to struggle, the company is doing all it can to offer enticing promotions. Any Subway sandwich on the menu can be turned into a wrap and you can choose between tomato basil or spinach flatbread. This past Saturday, our family walked to a nearby Subway for dinner and my wife decided to try one. Sidney opted to “wrapicize” an Italian BMT and she really enjoyed it. I went with a standard sub but perhaps next time, especially if I go for lunch, I will go with a wrap. Dang, I love Subway!

After ordering our food at Subway, we walked back to our house to eat. If you look in the stroller, you can see the evidence.

Quick Sports Take – Lebron James’ game winning shot last night was nice, but I sure hope the Pacers win the next two games and eliminate the Cavs in the first round. As for the bigger picture, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics in the Finals. The NFL Draft is tonight and while I enjoy Mel Kiper, my interest level isn’t there to watch past the first few picks. In the MLB world the Seattle Mariners are 13-10 which makes me happy, even if I haven’t watched a game yet this season.


Seems like seasonal weather has finally arrived for most people in the country, including my family out in Washington. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Don’t Blink.

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