Sloan’s Thursday Rundown

It is the final Thursday Rundown before Sloan turns 1. Got to make this one quick because we have party planning to do! Here we go…

When It All Started  Although Sloan wasn’t born until March 17, Sid and I will always remember March 15, 2017. That morning, Sid left work before the school day started and went to Conway Medical Center. She was not feeling well. When I arrived, they had just put Sidney in an evaluation room in the labor and delivery wing. After running tests, the doctor came in and said they wanted to start the induction process. Although Sid was the one in need, she had to direct me to sit down because I almost fainted! Sloan had a due date of April 7 but we were going to meet her much earlier. It would be an extremely long day as the medical staff tried to induce labor…but God had other plans.

Later that night, when it became clear that Sid would not give birth that day, the doctor let her eat a meal.

Why Catholics Abstain From Meet on Fridays – During Lent, Catholics don’t eat meat on Friday. Some people who are unfamiliar with Catholicism might question why we do this. In general, we don’t eat meat because it is another way to remember our Lord. Meat, both thousands of years ago and today, is a food that is valued, delicious, and widely consumed. Taking the initiative to refrain from eating a food that many of us depend on takes discipline. When we exercise this discipline,  even though it is an extremely small act, it is just another way to remember the suffering of Jesus Christ.

But it goes deeper. Jesus was crucified on a Friday. On that day, he gave up his flesh for us. Thus, during Lent, we give up eating flesh for him. Another important aspect of Fridays during Lent is the Stations of the Cross. At Catholic churches throughout the world, Christ’s passion is remembered. If you want to really prepare for Easter, I recommend going to a Stations of the Cross service.

Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays for multiple reasons.

Remembering Parkland at CCU – Yesterday, schools and students did a variety of things to remember the Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy. Some organized walkouts, some held walk-ins, some just reflected on the lives lost. At Coastal, the day was marked with various activities. However, I was especially moved by the solemn tribute that was offered at 10:05 a.m. At that time, our signature bell tower chimed 17 times for the 17 victims who lost their lives.

I filmed the bell tower chiming and tweeted out this video/tweet.

New Kicks for Sloan – I would like to thank the Wyeth family for giving Sloan an early birthday present. Last week, Rob gave me the below pair of Converse shoes. Originally intended for one of his twin grandsons to wear, they grew too big before they could lace them up. The new kicks look so cute on Sloan and even though she needs to get used to them, we think she feels pretty cool wearing them around. From a daddy perspective, it doesn’t hurt that they are teal (CCU colors).

Take a look at Sloan’s fancy new shoes.

Sloan at 52 Weeks – This weekend it will be official…52 weeks of life for Sloan! She has set herself up to end the year on a good note. She is on the verge of walking, her new favorite word is “UH-OH,” and her babbling has reached an advanced level. She has kept us very busy this week(and I know I practically say that every week) but her level of activity just keeps increasing and increasing. Each time we have scooped her our of her crib this week she has been standing up waiting for us. Her obsession with the refrigerator has seemed to intensify over the past few days. There is no dull moment. Each week has been so much fun!

This is Sloan’s 52 week collage.


I want to thank everyone for the support we have received for Sloan as she approaches her birthday. Have a great Thursday evening and happy St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t Blink.

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