The 10 Fears of Sloan

Sloan became a 10-month-old today. Where has the time gone? To mark this latest milestone, I wanted to list the 10 things Sloan is afraid of. But before I start revealing them, let me say this: For the most part, she is a fearless little baby…perhaps too fearless.

Sloan turned 10 months today.

However, despite all her guts, Sloan does have a fear factor just like us all. When our baby girl becomes afraid, she lets out a high pitched heartbreaking cry that clearly communicates “I am scared and I don’t like this!” When this happens, we can’t help but quickly console her and let her know that things will be okay. In no particular order, I present the fears of Sloan…

Santa Claus – When we brought Sloan to meet Santa, she did great for the first moment on his lap. But then she looked up at him and it was all over.

Sloan did not enjoy Santa (photo courtesy of Erin Dietrich).

Dogs – Sloan can tolerate smaller canines but she does not like bigger dogs. This past weekend we were visiting my sister-in-law and her boyfriend’s large dog scared the wits out of her. Sloan was okay if it kept its distance but once it got close she shrieked.

Hair Dryer – Sid thought Sloan would like the sensation of some air blown on her hand. She didn’t. Although she can point the hair dryer at Sloan without any reaction, the moment she turns it on is when Sloan becomes upset.

The Water (just the first time) – Sloan is a little fish! She loves baths and will wade in pools with us. However, the first time we took her “swimming” it didn’t go too well. We were at a friend’s house and were cautious to slowly introduce Sloan to the water. Sid gently navigated down the pool’s steps with Sloan in her arms. Just like with Santa she was composed at the start but became unglued when she realized her surroundings.

This was the first time Sloan ever entered the water. Shortly after this photo was taken she started to panic.

Vacuum Cleaner – Crawling across our hardwood floors is a favorite pastime of Sloan. She will go from one end to the other without even thinking. That is of course if Sid is not vacuuming. If it is the weekend and Sid is using the vacuum, Sloan won’t be happy. Even if my wife was several feet away, Sloan would get rattled if Sid made one small step toward her with the vacuum.

Strangers – Sidney calls it “stranger danger.” Sloan has reached the stage where she feels frightened in the arms of someone she doesn’t know. For some folks she will be stoic and for others she will break down.

Snow – We were so excited to introduce Sloan to the snow when we went to Spokane at the end of December. She didn’t share our excitement. We took Sloan out in my parents’ front yard for a sleigh ride and she was not amused. Our winter wonderland experience was filled with more tears than laughs.

The snow scared Sloan.

A Tiger Head – My nephew owns a Clemson blanket that has a Tiger stuffed animal head attached to it. He showed it to Sloan and she must have thought she was alone in the jungle and the beast was real.

Her Daddy’s Face – Just kidding! That would be so sad.


Happy 10 months, Sloan! Mommy and daddy joke around about what scares you but we know you are the bravest little girl ever. Don’t Blink.

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