First Thursday Rundown of 2018

After a couple weeks off from writing the Thursday Rundown, it feels good to work on the first one of 2018. It might be a new year but the premise of the Rundown is still the same…five random topics. Here we go…

Update On Snow – Yesterday, I wrote about the snow storm that was supposed to hit Myrtle Beach but never did. Well, overnight we did get some snow. Yep, what you see below is what we woke up to. But we did get a lot of ice and surrounding towns did get actual snow. Thankfully, roads were perfectly safe and clear in the Myrtle Beach area by 11 a.m. this morning. As a precaution, Horry County Schools will remain closed tomorrow so Sid will have another day off. At CCU, our day will be delayed with work starting at 11 a.m.

This is the extent of the snow we received in our Myrtle Beach yard.

Fun With Geofilters – When Snapchat first debuted custom geofilters, it was a long and sometimes expensive process to get them approved. Not anymore. The submission process is a breeze and approval comes within minutes. The price tag is even better. During the holidays, I was able to activate these custom geofilters for 24 hours at only $5 each. My family loved them and they were very well used. If you have a party, birthday, or milestone coming up for a loved one, I recommend creating a geofilter to celebrate it.

Custom Geofilters are easy, fun, and impactful.

Best Nine – A certain website uses Instagram to create a piece of content called Best Nine. The site will look at an Instagram account and determine the nine photos that received the most likes from a given year and place them in a collage. In the past, I haven’t been too happy with the output for my Best Nine. Just because they are your most popular photos doesn’t necessarily mean they are your favorite. Well, I was pretty satisfied with this year’s edition. My followers seemed to especially enjoy the photos I posted of my two favorite girls. Below is my 2017 Best Nine.

This is my Instagram Best Nine of 2017.

Sloan at 42 Weeks – As 2018 has now arrived, when someone asks me when Sloan was born, I can now reply with “last year.” In fact, I can also reply with “last year” when someone asks me when Sloan started to crawl. That’s right, Sloan legitimately crawled for the first time on Dec. 29 in Spokane right in the middle of my parents’ living room, the exact same place she rolled over for the first time last July. She loves her new Christmas toys but still enjoys playing with baby wipe packages, outlet cords, and iPhones. Her hair has curled in the back and she seems to be growing each day. We believe that 2018 is going to be a banner year for her.

This is Sloan’s photo collage at 42 weeks.

Life’s Little Instructions Back Again – For those who follow me on Instagram, you know my trademark is posting Life’s Little Instructions each day. For six years I have done this to brighten the day of my followers when they wake up in the morning. Well, your daily piece of lighthearted advice is back in 2018. If you wish to receive some extra motivation each day, make sure to follow me on Instagram (@brentreser).

Me holding the 2018 Life’s Little Instructions calendar. To see the daily instructions, follow me on Instagram at @brentreser.


The first of many Thursday Rundowns of 2018 is in the books. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great rest of your day. Don’t Blink.

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