Tired of a Lunch Tradition

Last week, I caught Sidney off guard a bit. While sitting down on our couch in the living room, I called out to her while she washed something at the kitchen sink. In a serious tone, I said…

“I have a confession to make…”

In all honesty, I was going for a much more lighthearted approach. The subject I was about to unload on her actually didn’t need any unloading in the first place. It was something that most people would just laugh at. Although what I was about to say was a semi-big deal for me, I do keep things in perspective, and my intention wasn’t to alarm Sid.

“…I think I am starting to get tired of peanut butter sandwiches.”

My wife broke her concerned face and muttered, “good.”

For the past eight or so years of my adult life, I have ate a peanut butter sandwich for lunch pretty much every single day at work. This has never been a gimmick. I didn’t do it to make a point or extend a streak. Rather, I ate PB sandwiches because I genuinely really liked them. Sure, it also helped that they were easy and economical to prepare but I went “plain jane” for so long simply because it was what I enjoyed to eat.

Even though I won’t be eating peanut butter sandwiches every day anymore, I will still eat them. In fact, I ate one for lunch today.

My change of heart came on suddenly. A couple weeks ago I was eating my lunch and it dawned on me that I wasn’t enjoying my sandwich as much as usual. It was a day where I had put on more peanut butter than I usually do (but not as much as this) and I think I was just a little sickened by it. And we all know how enjoyable/not enjoyable certain foods can be after we get a certain thought in our heads.

I think another contributing factor to my lessening enthusiasm with peanut butter sandwiches is a rare change that crept into my lunch routine over the past month. At Sidney’s urging, I actually took leftovers to work a couple times. Eating actual homecooked, nutritious food was a nice treat. Think of it as if you ate the same kind of bland cereal for a decade and then one day you were served steak and eggs. It would be hard to go back to cereal.

I will be eating a peanut butter sandwich for lunch (and breakfast) tomorrow. I prepared them when I got home.

However, I have not reached the point yet where I can’t go back to peanut butter sandwiches. In fact, I ate one today for lunch and I ate one yesterday as well. But I will eat leftovers at least once, maybe twice, before this week is over. I am not quitting cold turkey nor am I looking to quit permanently in the future. I am just going to start changing it up a bit. Rest assured, at the end of the day, I will always be a big peanut butter guy, it might just not always be between two slices of bread. Don’t Blink.

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