Back to School Thursday Rundown

Hello and good evening! Thanks for returning to Don’t Blink for another riveting Thursday Rundown. Time to roll with this week’s five topics…

Sidney Back At School – Mrs. Reser started her fourth year at Palmetto Bays School yesterday. Understandably so, she was pretty exhausted when she returned home after the first day. This year she has 11 boys and five girls. The testosterone imbalance will make for what Sid calls a “busy” class with plenty of movement. I am excited to see how Sid’s 2017-18 group will grow and develop under her guidance.

This was Sidney at her open house this past Monday. After returning from McClellanville I stopped by and saw her classroom.

Fast Food Movie – This week I watched a movie on Netflix about McDonalds. Titled “The Founder,” it told the story of how Ray Kroc targeted a small burger stand in California called McDonalds and transformed it into a multi-billion dollar company. As someone who has written about McDonalds a few times (here, here, and here) I found the film interesting. I think most of my readers will too but I definitely think it is more of a rainy day type movie. Michael Keaton stars as Kroc, a man who wasn’t afraid to stab people in the back.

I watched “The Founder” this week. I enjoyed the film.

Right On The Money – Every now and then I share some wisdom from my Life’s Little Instructions calendar. In another epiphany since becoming a parent, today’s advice rings especially true. When someone goes out of their way to do something nice for Sloan, it really is an act that makes me so appreciative. I will look at the person who did it and just think to myself, man, that person has so much thoughtfulness. It is a great reminder to me as well to think more about the sons and daughters of my friends.

I totally get this advice.

Too Much? – The latest “dish” I want to share from the @ItsFoodPorn Twitter account might be pushing it a bit. Although I have created my own outlandish recipies in the past and although I love cookie ice cream sandwiches, I don’t know about the donut ice cream sandwich. I think the layer of M&Ms just really pushed it over the top. Perhaps if simple glazed donuts were used as opposed to chocolate donuts I would be a little more prone to approve it. Instead, this is just too much.

This just takes everything a little too far.

Latest On Sloan – Aside from dealing with a cold and battling a fever, Sloan is still an extrememly happy girl. She is starting to laugh and sometimes her chuckle will contain a high pitched shriek of glee that is so cute. We have started introducing baby food as she sure enjoys carrots. I felt bad for her last night as a major storm rolled in around midnight that woke her up, scared her, and sent her into a crying fit. She will turn 23 weeks tomorrow. Below is the latest photo collage.

This is the latest Sloan photo collage.


Time to wrap up another Thursday Rundown. Hope all is going well for the many people I know who returned to the classroom this week, either as a teacher or student. Enjoy your well-deserved weekend! Don’t Blink.

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