Fashion Blunder Thursday Rundown

What a hot day it was! Although the mercury only hit around 93 degrees, the heat index registered at around 105 degrees. Let’s cool off with the Thursday Rundown…

My Wife Making the Today Show – Hold up! I thought I was the social media expert in the family. Apparently not. Two weeks ago, my wife made the Today Show with a tweet she posted about Andy Grammer. Yep, there is the Reser name plastered on national TV for millions of Americans to see. Even though I wasn’t the one who managed to have my social media post published on a popular morning show, I am still proud of Sidney.

This was Sidney’s Tweet about Andy Grammer that made the “Today Show.”

Fashion faux pas – How embarrassing! I wore the exact same shirt a year ago on this date. Timehop pointed out this blunder to me and I decided to make light of the situation by taking a similar selfie this morning. What the heck was I doing in the original photo? I really don’t know for sure, but I think I was modeling my wedding ring for my wife. This selfie culture is getting out of control!

Yep, definitely wore the same shirt today that I did a year ago (I know you might be saying “How can we be sure?” Trust me….it is the same shirt).

Popcorn – While at the store the other day, I crossed paths with this curious variety of popcorn. I couldn’t fight the impulse as I bought the bag. For a measly $1, it really wasn’t that bad. Have you ever ate Smorz cereal before? That is what the popcorn tasted like. Candy coated with tiny cookie pieces thrown in, it was a nice little snack to munch on.

For $1, this Cookie Pop popcorn was pretty good.

Another Week, Another Collage – Sloan is gaining weight! She is 13 pounds on the dot. Her favorite singer is Ed Sheeran evidenced by how her eyes don’t leave the screen when he performs on TV. She will babble for minutes and she greets us each morning with the sweetest smile. She turns 16 weeks tomorrow. Below is the her latest photo collage.

This is the latest Sloan collage. She turns 16 weeks tomorrow.

How Did Your First Half of 2017 Go? – On July 1, the second half of 2017 officially started. I hope everyone had a great first six months. For our little family, it was a time filled with SO MUCH. We were given the greatest gift ever and experienced an endless amount of joy. We also faced some challenges along the way. It will be interesting to see if the next half of this year is as crazy, unpredictable, and glorious as the first. It definitely has a lot to live up to if it wants to rival January-June.


Okay, I am not sweating as much now. Much love to all my readers, I hope you have a terrific weekend. Don’t Blink.

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