Thank You For The Gifts But More for the Love

For tonight’s blog post, Sidney and I just want to say THANK YOU. Leading up to the birth of our daughter, we have received so much from our family, friends, and co-workers. It has reached such a humbling point!

In December, my aunts threw us a mini baby shower when we were in Spokane. At the end of February, Sidney’s sisters organized her official shower. Today, our places of employment celebrated the upcoming birth.

This afternoon, once class ended for the day, the teachers and administrators of Palmetto Bays School treated Sidney to a special baby shower complete with food and decorations. With all the attention on her, Sid sat in a rocking chair and opened up gifts.

Sidney works with a great group of teachers! They made her feel so special today.

A few hours before Sid’s shower at school, I was loading up my car with gifts given to me by our communication office at Coastal. My co-workers and bosses have done so much for me since the moment I stepped foot on campus almost three years ago and this was just another example of them going above and beyond.

My Coastal family has treated me so well since I started working there. I took these gifts home today.

However, each material gift we have received from someone has seemed to come with something better. Whether it be a heartfelt card, a text asking how an appointment went, an office poll on when our baby will be born, or the constant reminder that we are in prayers, we have been the benefactors of so much love from so many different people. We are so grateful.

My office predicted when our baby will be born. Should be interesting to see who wins!

We will get around to personally thanking each and every one of you in the near future. Until then, please know that we are extremely appreciative. We feel very spoiled but we also feel very loved. THANK YOU. Don’t Blink.

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