Castle on the Hill Thursday Rundown

One of my favorite months of the year is here. Happy March to you all! Now let’s get down to this week’s Thursday Rundown…

Update on Grocery Store Promotion – In October, I described a fun promotion put on by Lowe’s, the grocery store that Sidney and I shop at. For every $10 spent, you received a stamp that you put on a board. The more stamps you filled your board with, the greater selection of prizes you could choose from. Well, the game ended this past week. We ended up cashing in our 37 stamps for a paring knife. I had never been so excited for an eating utensil in my life.

We enjoyed doing the Lowe’s stamps promotion.

Making the Bed – Quite frequently, sports personalities will try to fill their three hour shows with silly debates not related to sports. This morning, the show I listen to on my way to work discussed the practice of making the bed. Both guys said that making the bed is a waste of time and that it is only done to “prove you are not a slob.” I couldn’t disagree more. I think hopping into a neatly made bed is 100% more comfortable and refreshing than slithering into a bed that is in the same state from when you threw the covers off that morning. If I somehow forget to make the bed when I wake up, I will make it that night one minute before I get back in it to go to bed.

Lion – This past Sunday, I went to the theater to watch “Lion.” Knowing that it was up for several Academy Awards, I was expecting a lot. Although the story itself was very interesting and although the ending was pretty special, I wouldn’t think for a minute to give it Oscar consideration. In the middle of the movie I asked myself “Umm…okay, what is the big deal with this movie? There has to be something more than this.” If you need a decent Redbox to watch I would recommend “Lion” (when it comes out) but it was not a good theater movie and definitely not a film deserving of the highest honor in Hollywood.

I went to the theater to watch “Lion” this past week.

ACC Tournament at Coastal – The HTC Center, our arena on campus, is hosting the 2017 ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament. The entire 15 ACC schools are in our area to compete for the automatic bid to the Big Dance. But we don’t just have the teams here, we have the mascots, bands, spirit squads, and fans of these institutions as well. It is a festival-like atmosphere at the HTC Center and the second you walk inside you know you are in the middle of a high quality sporting event. It is a really cool deal that we are the destination for so many big name schools.

The HTC Center at Coastal Carolina University is hosting the 2017 ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament.2017 ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament

Ed Sheeran – My wife is making me an Ed Sheeran fan! A year ago I would not have been able to pick him out from a lineup nor identified his voice if given a few songs to select it from. But he is starting to grow on me. My favorite current song is “Castle on the Hill.”


Have a great month, everyone! Sidney and I know that something very special could happen this March for us. Don’t Blink.

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