Wild Thursday Rundown

It is only the 23rd of the month but it is February so that means this is the final Thursday Rundown before March. With that said, here we go with this week’s five topics…

Popcorn With What? – I am a follower of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Twitter account (@CTCSquares) so when it tweeted out this snack idea it definitely caught my eye. Popcorn and Cinnamon Toast Crunch? In my opinion, it is probably just a better bet to go with kettle corn. It is proven that chocolate goes with popcorn (have you ever combined Junior Mints Peanut Butter M&M’s with popcorn before?) so if I was to sprinkle cereal on my favorite movie theater concession item, I would go for Coco Puffs or perhaps Cookie Crisp. Just my opinion though.

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Twitter account suggested it is a good idea to mix the cereal and popcorn.

Baby Update – Sidney will turn 34 weeks tomorrow! The arrival of our daughter is very quickly approaching. This afternoon we had another ultrasound and baby looks great. On Sunday, Sidney’s sisters will throw her a baby shower. I am excited for Sidney to have a good time at this special occasion with her family and friends. I think I might go watch a movie while they are enjoying themselves. Things are happening fast!

A photo I took of my beautiful wife at the doctor’s office today.

Hey I Heard You Were A Wild One – Over the past week, Sidney and I have watched episodes of a Netflix documentary series called “Wild Ones.” The series features animals from all around the world. Each episode centers on a region such as the African Savannah, wetlands, Amazon Rainforest, deserts, jungles, etc. For each region, about five different animals are featured. With the footage being absolutely incredible and with each episode only 25 minutes, they are pretty addicting. The documentary is full of unbelievable moments of nature, making Sidney and I constantly ask each other how the filmmakers are able to capture such brilliant scenes.

February Heat Wave – Although I have lived in Myrtle Beach for almost three years, I still have to pinch myself when the mercury hits the 70s in February. Winter has been non-existant here this year in South Carolina, something I am not complaining about one bit. For a month that is characterized as cold and bleak for many, it has been pool weather conditions for us.

A look at the 7-day forecast here in Myrtle Beach.

From the Archives – I had a couple different blog posts that I wrote on this date in the past that I felt would be worth mentioning. Just last year I counted down the top ten concerts I have attended in my life. Then, three years ago on February 23, 2014, I wrote about a phobia that impacts children. As I oversaw a mascot program at one point in my life, I saw this phobia first hand. Is that a good enough teaser for you to click on the link?

Believe it or not, some children have a serious phobia of mascots.


Have a great rest of your Thursday night. Try to do something nice for someone else this weekend. Don’t Blink.

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