Clemson vs. Alabama, Round II

Tonight the College Football Playoff National Championship will take place. The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers will battle it out for the second straight year to settle the debate of gridiron supremacy at the college level. I am looking forward to it.

I am looking forward to it despite the 8:30 p.m. start time for a game that will last no less than four hours. I am looking forward to it despite the TV timeouts that will literally take five minutes. I am looking forward to it despite the sobering reality that once this game ends (probably around 12:45 a.m. on Tuesday morning) it means no more college football until August.

Honestly, I really am looking forward to it.

For all I care, the game could stretch until this Thursday with only old political campaign commercials played during game breaks and I would still watch every minute of it. You see, I love watching college football more than any other sport and what is better than the national championship of anything?

Perhaps I am even a little more excited for this year’s game. It is a worthy rematch between two powerhouses. In 2016, Alabama and Clemson played a great game. However, the two teams played even greater football. Yes, last year’s tilt was a nail biter that kept all of our attention. But besides the close game, the level of football that took place on the field was superb. Sometimes championship games are sloppy because of fatigue, nerves, and other factors. Last year, it was plainly obvious that the two teams playing on the field were the best in college football. It was a hard hitting, fast, well-coached game. It was a pleasure to watch.

When it comes to my heart, I want Clemson to win. I don’t live in South Carolina for nothing, right? More importantly, my two sisters-in-law and my brother-in-law both went to Clemson. In fact, that brother-in-law is in Tampa for tonight’s game. Additionally, I was in Memorial Stadium this season as the Tigers beat Louisville in a nationally televised matchup. So with geography, family ties, and an in-person experience all boding in favor of the team that wears orange, it goes without saying that I will be rooting for Clemson.

However, I won’t be inconsolable if Alabama wins. My dad entered a college football bowl contest and did extremely well. If the Crimson Tide win this evening, he wins a lot of money. How can I be mad if Saban wins another trophy and my dad picks up some extra cash?

In another great game, I pick Clemson to defeat Alabama by a score of 48-40. I hope everyone enjoys the action tonight and appreciates the talent on the field. Don’t Blink.

3 thoughts on “Clemson vs. Alabama, Round II

  1. What a win, my daughter and SIL were also at the game, they fly back to Jersey tonight, this morning my daughter said her throat is sore, her ears are still ringing and she is recovering from too much to eat and drink yesterday, yet today is one of the happiest days since she met her husband and graduated from Clemson. Dabo was awesome after the game and will lead the team and get the best recruits for a number of years to come. We may have entered a new era in SC football.

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