A Speech and a Press Conference

Last night, Sidney and I watched President Obama’s farewell address. Shortly after I returned home tonight, I watched portions of President-Elect Trump’s big press conference. I enjoyed both speaking events, more for the historical significance than the content, but I still appreciated what both men said.

President Obama delivered his farewell address and President-Trump answered questions at a press conference. I enjoyed listening to both.

President Obama delivered his farewell address and President-Trump answered questions at a press conference. I enjoyed listening to both.

As many of you know, I am not a political person but I am a presidential person. I love following everything related to the Office of the President of the United States. To watch a farewell address from an outgoing U.S. President is a big deal for me, something that doesn’t matter one bit what party he is from or the success he had in office. I stayed glued to the TV while President Obama spoke.

Today’s press conference was a significant event just because it had been so highly anticipated. After a wild election victory and after two months preparing to take office, I think most of us were ready to hear from our next president. With all that has transpired and with the way the media treats President-Elect Trump, I think today’s press conference was even more historic than your typical pre-Inauguration president-elect reporter chat.

When it came to the content/performance of each man, I will start with the current Commander In Chief. I think President Obama did well. Throughout his presidency, Obama was intensely mocked and criticized for his use of the teleprompter. However, I don’t think he came across stiff last night. With emotion powering him through his speech, I think he spoke with purpose. Supposedly President Obama and his speech writer scrutinized over the address and I think that preparation and care was very evident. Knowing that much of his legacy could very well be completely wiped away the first day that Trump takes office, Obama delivered a speech that won’t be so seamlessly repealed and replaced.

Trump was Trump today. He spoke in the exact same way that got him elected. He was off-the-cuff, brutally honest, and very confident. For anyone out there who thought President-Elect Trump might be tentative or nervous to be sworn in, those doubts were squashed. Despite what many of us feel about Trump, there is little denying that he has probably accomplished more for the country during his time as president-elect than anyone else in that position beforehand. In typical Trump style, he let everyone know about it.

Now we move to the main event of the transition of power…The Inauguration. I can’t wait. Again, this has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with my love for our country and its history. I can remember as far back as Clinton’s second Inauguration and since that event in 1996 I have kept my eye on each one thereafter.

Thank you to President Obama for his faithful service. While the country has decided that it is best to go in a different direction, I am grateful that he tried his best. I am excited to see what President-Elect Trump will do in office. The man has already shown that he can get things done and hopefully it will continue once he arrives in the White House. We need to pray for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Don’t Blink.

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