Christmas With My Family In Myrtle Beach

I have not spent a birthday in my hometown with my family probably since I was 18. Over the past couple Easters and Thanksgivings I have not seen Spokane either. Other holidays of varying degrees of significance? Most likely spent on the east coast.

However, I have never missed a Christmas with my parents and siblings.

Until this year.

In 2016, I will be spending Christmas with my other loving family here in South Carolina. Over the next two days, I will have the privilege of experiencing all of the Mathis holiday traditions right here in warm Myrtle Beach.

This blog post is not written in sadness; rather it is written in joy. It is written to mark the fact that I had the luxury of spending every Christmas with my mom, dad, sister, and brother (well, only 27 of those with Glen) for 29 straight years. It isn’t written to bring attention to the fact that a streak is ending. Rather, it is written to celebrate the reality that I have my wife’s family to enjoy this beautiful holiday with while still having the ability to Facetime my family in Spokane and feel like I am there too.

Sure there will be differences. For one, the sunny 70 degree forecast on Christmas here in Myrtle Beach sure contrasts to the below freezing, snowy forecast in Spokane. But the differences are outweighed by one big similarity: Love. No matter where I am at this Christmas, I have a family on each side who is celebrating this holiday for the right reasons and who deeply loves both Sidney and I.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone. Whoever you are spending Christmas with and wherever you are spending Christmas at, make it a joyous one. Don’t Blink.

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