Christmas Trends I Don’t Care For

I love Christmas. In fact, this year I think I might have done more “Christmasing” than ever before. Keep in mind that it is still just December 20.

However, a few relatively new Christmas trends don’t bring me too much joy. Mind you I am speaking literally because “a few” honestly means just three. I scratched my brain for Christmas-related things I am not 100% sold on and I could only come up with a short list. I thought I would share them with you…

“A Christmas Story” Marathon – People get so excited on social media about the “Christmas Story” marathon that runs on TBS. From Christmas Eve through Christmas Day, the movie is shown on repeat. That’s right, for 24 straight hours the film runs back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back…..

I love the movie Forrest Gump.” I have no issue watching it a couple times a month. But I couldn’t watch it twice in a row, let alone nine times in a row. Sorry to the die hard fans out there, but I can’t even watch “A Christmas Story” once. I remember watching it when I was young. I disliked how Santa was portrayed, I found the dad mean, I thought the leg lamp was creepy, and I couldn’t bear to watch the tongue on the flagpole scene. All these years later and I still can’t bring myself to watch “A Christmas Story.” I think it would be better if TBS ran a marathon of the different “Miracle on 34th Street” remakes or an all-day “Home Alone” trilogy showing.

“Ugly” Christmas Sweaters – I am so over “ugly” Christmas sweaters and “ugly” Christmas sweater parties. Why? Because it is not about being “ugly” anymore. Although these Christmas sweaters are marketed with the word “ugly” in front of them, we all know people are buying them because they want to be fashionable and trendy. Manufacturers know it too. Over the past several years, companies have made “ugly” sweaters for customers to buy. However, how “ugly” can the shirt be if it is brand new and made specifically for a younger audience? Companies try to make their “ugly” Christmas sweaters “uglier” than their competitor but it just results in a product that is more expensive and more trendy.

Before the “ugly” Christmas sweater concept became so commercialized, there was a certain charm to it. Busting out grandpa’s old red and green sweater that had not been worn for 40 years was fun. However, that magic is now gone.

Artificial Trees – I know the time will come when we own an artificial tree. I know that as each year passes, fake trees become more and more popular. But I can’t get myself to embrace the artificial tree trend just yet. I need the experience of picking out a fresh tree. I need the pine smell filling up our living room. I need the warm feeling of sitting next to a living product of the forest. For those of us who go authentic, there is nothing like bringing in a unique tree each year. It seems as if each one has a distinguishing feature that separates it from the ones of the past.

The day we get our own artificial tree I am sure I will enjoy the convenience and beauty of it. But like I said, I am not ready to cross over just yet.


Okay, I am done being Scrooge. Obviously I don’t have much against Christmas (besides a movie, ugly sweaters, and fake trees). Time now to make some hot chocolate! Don’t Blink.

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