My Top Five Favorite Fast Food Desserts

It goes without saying that if you eat fast food, you probably don’t need to opt for dessert. However, we are talking about Brent Reser here and every now and then I like to follow up my unhealthy meal with something sweet (and equally unhealthy).

For tonight’s blog post, I want to offer my top five fast food desserts (not to be confused with my top five milkshakes of corporate America post I did in September). Although fast food restaurants aren’t really hotbeds for savory, delicious desserts, they do offer some decent choices. Let me make one quick note. Disqualified from consideration on this countdown are the fast food restaurants that specialize in desserts such as Sonic and Dairy Queen. With that said, here is my list.

5. Frosty (Wendy’s) – To be completely honest, I think the Wendy’s Frosty is overrated. It is glamorized as something really special but to me it is just sub par soft serve chocolate(ish) ice cream. However, because of its iconic status and because I would never actually pass one up if someone put a Frosty in front of my nose, I let it barely crack my countdown.

4. Caramel Apple Empanada (Taco Bell) – As a high school student and during my college years, Taco Bell was my favorite fast food restaurant. I ate there a lot. At that time, Taco Bell only had one dessert option, the caramel apple empanada. Although I probably only ordered the empanada 25% of the time, because I went to Taco Bell so much that actually equated to quite a few empanadas. I grew to like them quite a bit, even if the hot filling burnt my tongue more than once.

3. Bo-Berry Biscuit (Bojangles) – It took me until I moved to the south to try a Bo-Berry Biscuit and I immediately knew I had been missing something for the first 27 years of my life. Served warm and topped with icing, the treat is literally a dessert berry biscuit. Out of everything on this list, I think I feel the most guilty after I eat a Bo-Berry Biscuit just because each one is so heavy and sweet. If you eat more than one you will definitely get a stomach ache.

I took one of these Bo-Berry biscuits right out of this box!

I took my first ever Bo-Berry Biscuit (football shaped version) out of this box a couple years ago.

2. McFlurry (McDonald’s) – Although a McFlurry can’t compare to a Blizzard or a Sonic Blast, it still isn’t a bad option if you want ice cream mixed with cookies or candy. Making the investment by paying a little more for extra toppings is a good route to take. I think I enjoy a McFlurry so much just because McDonald’s has good ice cream. If you don’t want a McFlurry then a cone or sundae will still satisfy you. However, I still enjoy ordering a McFlurry mixed with both M&Ms and Oreo.

1. Subway Cookies (Subway) – Nothing beats a Subway cookie right out of the oven. When I walk in a Subway, I never know if the smell of fresh baked bread or fresh baked cookies will hit me first. If it is the cookies, I will tack one (maybe two) onto my order. Subway cookies are always fresh and savory. Although I obviously like them all, the white chocolate macadamia nut is my favorite. Besides the fact that Subway is my favorite fast food restaurant, what makes its cookies tops on my list? Because it is the perfect compliment to your meal. A cookie just goes great with a sandwich and chips. Best of all, unlike the Bojangles Bo-Berry Biscuit, you won’t feel terrible about yourself after you eat one. The cookies are just light enough to make you feel justified in consuming them.

It brings me great sadness to say goodbye to $5 footlongs.

I love Subway and I love Subway cookies.


Thank you for letting me discuss fast food desserts with you. Did I omit a dessert from my list that you would include on yours? Please let me know. Happy eating! Don’t Blink.

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