Why This August Will Be the Best Ever

I like months. I organize my life according to months and, come to think about it, that probably isn’t that weird of a thing. It is a big reason for why they exist, right? Well, anyway, I think it is possible to say that I might focus more than others on the 12 four-week periods of time that dominate our calendar year.

I have written before on how I really enjoy March and July. I have also written about how I don’t really care for January and February. Additionally, I have briefly mentioned my thoughts on other months as well. But believe it or not, I have never really addressed August.

I think there are people out there who are afraid of August. In fact, these people dread August so they start to despise July just because they know it is the month before August. I get it. School starts, obligations return, the party ends. The start of August seems to signify “the last hurrah” of summer and once the mid and end of the month arrive, it is back to business.

Personally, I enjoy the month of August. As someone who loves the heat, I don’t mind the hottest month of the year. I love that it coincides with the start of football season. As someone who works in higher education, I like that it does signify the start of school because it makes my job so much more interesting. To me August is still summer but it carries with it a preview of autumn.

But like I said, I know others don’t care for the month. This makes me feel bad. I know my wife takes August hard because it means she has to go back to work. Believe me, it takes A LOT to plan and start a school year. Many people who work in the service and tourist industry don’t welcome the month with open arms either. It means the season and decent paychecks are coming to an end. Folks who plan their lives around summer vacations and escapades also experience a letdown with the arrival of the eighth month of the year.

With that said, let me say this: August 2016 should be the best August any of us have experienced for years.

I am not saying this because we are living in a historical time right now with the closest and nastiest presidential election we have seen. I am not saying it because this season of “Big Brother” is incredible and this month is going to be full of terrific episodes. I am not saying it because “War Dogs” will drop in movie theaters on Aug. 19.

I am saying that August 2016 will be great because we will have the Summer Olympics to watch.

I have said before that the Olympic games seem to define certain periods in our lives. When I think of the Athens games in 2004 I immediately think of the summer of my senior year of high school right in the middle of football double days. I would come home between practices and watch the games.

When I think of the 2006 winter games in Torino I think of watching them over at a fraternity house where I had a short stint of seeing what it was all about (I never joined). When I think of the 2008 Beijing games I take myself back to the University of Montana campus where I was in resident assistant training.

The 2012 London games remind me of coming home after long days working in the athletic department and sitting down on the couch to watch the prime time coverage. The 2014 Sochi games conjure up the feeling I had of holding my breath the whole time hoping that nothing would go wrong.

So not only are the Summer Olympics vastly superior to the Winter Olympics but the games act as sort of a time capsule of our existence. Don’t we want to remember these moments with happiness?

The Summer Olympics are awesome! Make sure to enjoy the games while allowing them to capture your heart and imagination. If you do this, there is no way you will have a bad August. Don’t Blink.

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