Revisiting Donald Trump One Year Later

I always like to use a year as a good measuring stick. Looking back 365 days is a good exercise for assessing your professional development, judging a relationship, or critiquing a project.

In my case, a year is also a good benchmark to revisit past blog posts.

On July 27, 2015, I wrote about Donald Trump. It was in the infancy of his presidential aspirations and he had a long road ahead of him. Although I gave him credit for the media coverage he had generated and the unconventional way he managed his campaign, I was also honest. I gave him no chance to win the Republican nomination and I stated that I most likely would never vote for him.

One year later, I think the only person more surprised than me is Hillary Clinton. If you told her in July 2015 that she would not only be running against Donald Trump but also LOSING to him in the polls, she would have flat out laughed at you.

But that is Hillary’s problem to deal with. I have to come clean with my own errors. I clearly underestimated The Donald. I was critical of him (and sometimes still am) throughout the year as I doubted him and questioned his tactics. In the end he proved me, and millions of other Americans, wrong.

With that said, does it mean I am voting for him? Heck no! I am a total free agent at this point in the game. Like I have written numerous times, I am not a political person. I am going to continue to watch the process play out and make my final decision in November.

Now that I have admitted my ignorance when it comes to predicting who will succeed in politics, I think my work for tonight is done. Little did I know how much I would really need that popcorn bowl I mentioned one year ago. Don’t Blink.

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