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From time to time over the past couple years, I had seen this idea pitched in magazines and newspapers. I thought it was silly and waved it off as far-fetched. However, after seeing the idea featured more just in the last week, including an in-depth article on it yesterday, I thought I would weigh in.

Pushed by the research of experts, some companies are starting to consider “nap rooms” for their offices. In the middle of the day, employees could enter these nap rooms and take a snooze before returning to work. In my opinion, it is a ridiculous idea.

I know the idea of retreating to a comfy nap room in the middle of the day after a night of little sleep and a Monday morning of stress sounds nice. I know research shows that rested minds work best. But just the perception of sleeping at work turns me off.

I believe that if we have nap rooms at the workplace, we might as well have cartoons on the office TV and Batman wallpaper lining the conference room. Kids who go to preschool take naps in the middle of the day. Those who work for a living and consider themselves professionals do not. To me, adults taking naps at the workplace seems incredibly immature.

We all have days at the office where we feel tired. We might close our eyes for a split second and think how nice it would be to fall asleep for a few minutes. But hopefully at that point we snap out of it and overcome our fatigue. Part of being a professional is showing discipline. Naturally our bodies become tired but that is no reason to hold nap time at the office. We owe it to ourselves and our employers to focus and get things done.

The major selling point of the nap room idea is supposedly it will increase work productivity. I would have to argue this. When waking up from a nap, many of us feel cranky and hungry. Could you imagine how these feelings could possibly be even more intense in the office? If waking up on your own couch at home on the weekend doesn’t satisfy you, waking up in an office setting with four hours of work ahead efinitely won’t either.

I feel the nap room idea is a way for us to not take responsibility for our actions. If we find ourselves consistently tired at work, shouldn’t we make adjustments off the clock? Such as going to bed earlier, perhaps? I know there are many people out there who have babies or have extenuating circumstances that deprives them of sleep. However, a large number of people who cite fatigue issues at work do so because of their own lifestyle choices.

Look, I can’t argue with the fact that some of the most innovative and successful companies are starting to introduce nap rooms. I know empires such as Google and the Huffington Post now have them. But I think this idea has “FAD” written all over it. I love it that companies are introducing gyms and relaxed dress codes to make employees healthier and happier. However, I draw the line at nap rooms. Nothing is worse than “sleeping on the job.” Don’t Blink.

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