Since When Do I Care About the NBA?

I usually don’t start paying attention to the NBA until the playoffs. However, I will make an exception this year and keep an eye on the last day of the season. Although many boring and meaningless games will tip off this evening, there are two important contests with massive storylines that also will be played and I have opinions on both.

Kobe Bryant – I am a Kobe fan and an admirer of the competitor that he is. Throughout most of his career I rooted for The Mamba and enjoyed the postseason runs of the Los Angeles Lakers. Most people are either a Lebron guy or a Kobe guy but I am not just a Kobe fan because I dislike James. With that said, I feel #24 separated himself from “King” James because of his competitiveness, his non-flashy nature, and his loyalty to his team and teammates.

I remember in college before flag football intramural games, some of my teammates and I would watch a Kobe Bryant highlight reel set to Nelly’s “Heart of the Champion.” It didn’t matter that we used an athlete playing a different sport to motivate us because it wasn’t about dunks, blocked shots, and buzzer beater shots. Rather, it was all about Bryant’s incredible hustle plays and his expressions of desire throughout the entire Youtube video that pumped us up to walk over to the field. It has been a great run, Kobe.

Golden State Warriors – I am weird in that when it comes to sports I don’t always like to see records broken. However, I don’t have that sentiment at all when it comes to the NBA record for wins during the regular season. I would like nothing more than to see the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls completely wiped out of the books for most wins in a season. I was a big Seattle Supersonics fan and as a little kid I wanted to see my team beat the Bulls in the NBA Finals. It didn’t happen and 20 years later I am still bitter. Since that NBA championship trophy will never be taken from them, I hope the record for wins is.

Besides my distaste for that Bulls team, I actually really enjoy the Golden State Warriors. I love rooting for Klay Thompson and I have a lot of respect for Steve Kerr. Not to mention, how can you not enjoy watching the current best player in the game, Steph Curry? I want the Warriors to take care of business and take possession of the most impressive regular season record there is.

Will I actually be watching the Lakers and Warriors play their respective games tonight? Nope. But I will follow the developments on Twitter and listen to ESPN Radio tomorrow for analysis and reaction. Long live Kobe and Go Warriors. Don’t Blink.

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