The Memes of Teaching

Note: This evening, Sidney takes over Don’t Blink. After Brent treated us to the memes of his profession, Sidney is excited to showcase the memes of her profession.

I am a sucker for a good meme. Better yet, I am a HUGE sucker for a good TEACHER-meme. Sometimes I will happen upon a satirically captioned photograph that perfectly illustrates the day-to-day blunders of a classroom teacher. And, no doubt, when I see one, I immediately screen-capture the photo and text blast it to all of my teacher friends. So today I want to share with you my five all-time favorite teacher memes!

5. Kids and Center Work
When kids are supposed to be working independently on their work in centers, you’ll always have a few that don’t comply. Here’s what we teachers look like when we catch them off task.


4. Indoor Recess = Unruly Children
Children have lots of energy. Unfortunately, the area inside the four walls of a classroom does not lend itself to expelling this energy. So when recess is brought indoors, instead of expelling their own energy, they slowly suck the energy from the teacher.


3. I’m gonna let you finish and all….but first….
What Kanye did to Taylor will go down in history…but let’s be real….we teachers have been doing this for YEARS!!


2. Phone Calls In The Classroom
There are spans of time when my classroom phone won’t ring for weeks. But you know how they say “when it rains, it pours”? My classroom phone is no different. With the third call, you can guarantee a dramatic sigh and eye roll.


1. You is a teacher
My all time favorite meme speaks for itself. If you’re an educator you can bet your-bottom-dollar that you’ll spend most of your days broke and tired.


So there you have it! My five most favorite teacher memes! I hope you enjoyed them, and that they elicited even the smallest of smiles. And if you didn’t find them funny, then here are a few honorable mentions.


Thanks for reading. And as always….DON’T BLINK

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