Join Me For the Thursday Rundown

Let’s get ready to RUUUUUUMMMMMMBBB….I mean let’s get ready to read my blog! Here we go with my latest Thursday Rundown..

The Battle for the Presidency – This nerd is in euphoria right now with the race for the White House. The twists and turns that have happened each day over the past month have kept me so intrigued and entertained. Last week was a lot of fun with South Carolina serving as Ground Zero for the Republican candidates. It was a thrill to watch some of those top politicians in-person. Not to give anything away, but tonight I might have seen a big player from the other side. But more of that tomorrow. I got to watch the big GOP debate now!

I took this photo tonight. Recognize anyone? More tomorrow...

I took this photo tonight. Recognize anyone? More tomorrow…

Baaaaaaad Concerts – Earlier this week, I wrote about the 10 best concerts I have attended in my life. However, when introducing that particular post I also mentioned one of the worst. A friend quickly contacted me to remind me of two other horrendous shows that I unfortunately witnessed. One was a Mike Jones (WHO?!) concert at a small bar in Missoula in May of 2010. Jones showed up a couple hours late and still wasn’t “all there” if you know what I mean. The other was an August 2011 Willie Nelson show at the same Minor League stadium I saw Dierks Bentley perform at. I couldn’t understand a lyric Willie sang and I was bored to tears.

Photos I took of both Willie Nelson and Mike Jones during their concerts in Missoula

Photos I took of both Willie Nelson and Mike Jones during their concerts in Missoula

“How to Be Single” Review – Sidney and I went to a Sunday evening showing of “How to Be Single.” It is good for a few laughs but I wouldn’t recommend it. The film is another one of those stories that focuses on several individuals for various amounts of time and then has them all come together or connect at the end. Like the other movies I have seen that attempt this formula, it didn’t turn out well. For my female readers, Sidney said she actually liked “How to Be Single” so perhaps you would also find yourselves more entertained than me.

Sidney and I saw "How to Be Single" this past Sunday.

Sidney and I saw “How to Be Single” this past Sunday.

False Alarm – Yesterday we braced for a serious storm that wreaked havoc across several southern states. The scary word of “tornado” was thrown into the Myrtle Beach forecast and we all prepared for the worst. In fact, the forecast looked so bleak that the major school district in our area, the one that Sidney is a teacher for, cancelled classes the night before. However, we were spared the brunt of the carnage. We got heavy rain and 50 MPH winds in the morning but all was quiet between 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., the time block when we were supposed to get hit hard. Thank goodness.

Wedding Update #21 – Last week I mentioned that Sidney and I received the book to choose our readings/prayers for our wedding. This week we actually chose them. You see, in this book you have around 6-10 different bible passages or prayers to choose from for each reading or blessing that makes up a Catholic wedding service. The two of us decided to review the options individually and then mark down our two top choices on a separate piece of paper. We then compared our selections. For pretty much every one, we overlapped with one of our choices!


It seems like I am only good at saying this on Thursdays but thank you for your readership. My analytics say that people have a craving for silly, pointless writing because 2016 is on pace to crush the total views from 2015 (the top year in the history of Don’t Blink). I am appreciative. Don’t Blink.

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