An Embarrassing Episode at the Gas Station

I had a couple other ideas to write about this evening but a moment happened about 30 minutes ago that I feel I need to devote a short blog post about…no matter how stupid it makes me look.

I left Sidney’s house to return to my apartment. About 20 minutes, or roughly 11 miles, separate our residences. As I departed her place I knew I needed to get gas as I was on empty. I pulled into one of the gas stations close by her home.

I exited my car, pressed the button to open the mini door to my gas compartment, and screwed off the cap. I inserted my debit card, keyed in my pin, and chose my fuel grade. I then took the gas pump in my hand and moved it toward the fuel entry.

I never pay much attention to when I insert the gas pump into the entryway of my car. I just jam it in. However, when I did it today the pump was met with a thud. The hose part of the gas pump was blocked. Thinking it was some type of freak occurrence I tried jamming it in again. No luck whatsoever. I tried again…no entry.

Taking my finger I tapped the metal flap that covers the entryway. It moved effortlessly. Hmmmm? Obviously the metal flap wasn’t malfunctioning. I used my finger to open the flap while trying to stick in the pump. It wouldn’t work. It appeared as if I couldn’t keep my finger there long enough to open it up before the pump wiped my limb away and the flap closed.

I started to think about the work I had done on my car just a few days ago. I had my battery replaced at Wal-Mart and it took forever. Did the workers extend the job to try to mess with me? Did they tamper with the gas compartment?

I had another idea. I took one of the ballpoint pens I carry with me at all times and tried to use that to open up the entryway so the pump could fit. Despite my best efforts and quick reflexes with my pen it wouldn’t work. By this time my hands were covered with black scuff marks and coated in gasoline.

Again some thoughts started to swirl through my head. I was running low on gas, I needed to re-fuel somehow. Luckily I had Sid and her family close by but what would happen if this problem persisted? Would I need to take my car in again? Would I have even enough gas to get there? Today is a holiday so good luck on finding a mechanic. I couldn’t try to let my near-empty tank last me much longer because not only is it 20 minutes to get home but it is also a 25 minute commute to work in the morning.

How much would it cost to fix a bizarre problem like this anyway? I just booked my honeymoon this weekend. Not looking to spend more money.

Out of desperation I decided to get in my car and go to another pump station. Of course it seemed to defy all logic (if it didn’t work with one gas pump, why would it work with another gas pump?) but I was going to try. I pulled up to another pump on the other side of the station and exited my car…

At that moment my eyes immediately widened! Could it possibly be? Was I really that dumb? I was looking my stupidity right in the eye.

If I was correct in my thinking, I had attempted to use the DIESEL PUMP at the other gas island. This time around I made sure not to use the diesel option and went for the other pump. It fit right in the entryway and the gas poured freely. A crisis was averted.

The coolest thing I learned in this ordeal is that people smarter than me make it impossible for idiotic motorists to put diesel in their cars. I had to admire this well-thought out protection while getting over my embarrassment.

I will take the small hit to my ego; I don’t have car troubles like I originally thought and that is a great way to end the holiday weekend. Don’t Blink.

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