Disappointed, Excited, Honored

Tonight I would like to share with my esteemed readers something I am disappointed about, something I am excited for, and something I am honored by. Consider tonight’s post kind of a junior varsity version of the Thursday Rundown. I apologize for taking it a little easy this evening but I am departing tomorrow for a two week trip across the country and I need to concentrate on packing.

Disappointed: I thought I would never fall sucker to a Facebook news story hoax. I believed myself to be way smarter than that. Not so! I totally gobbled up the story that came out yesterday regarding Cam Newton. It stated that the quarterback had been fined for every football he has handed off to a little kid in the stands since entering the NFL. The Facebook post put Newton’s fine total at over $250,000. The photo that accompanied the verbage was an image of Newton with a cheesy quote that seemed to justify why he would do the act despite a hefty fine.

Today multiple stories came out saying the NFL has not fined Newton once for giving footballs to kids. First and foremost, I am most disappointed in my stupidity. Secondly, I am disappointed because my perception of Newton had immediately changed. I have never been a huge fan of his but when I read this supposed gesture my outlook on him greatly improved. Bummed to hear that it was just a tall tale.

I fell for it.

I fell for it.

Excited: I am giddy with excitement for tonight’s Republican debate! To me, this is absolute must see TV. The most talked about man on the planet, Donald Trump, will once again take the stage and battle it out with his fellow GOP rivals. Only this time the buildup and anticipation has surpassed that of the previous debates combined. With Trump’s popularity surging each day and only a couple weeks removed from his controversial bombshell Muslim plan, you can bet that the other candidates will let him have it. As I have said several times, I have not been impressed with how Trump has performed at the previous debates. Can he shine tonight and look Presidential? That is what I will be watching for. It should be a very entertaining evening.

Honored: I received word from my bosses today that our #CCU Periscope Marathon won the Gold Award at the Education Digital Marketing Awards in the social media category. To earn the highest honor given in a category is a great feeling, no matter the circumstances. However, a few things made this award even sweeter…

First, this promotion was done with my #CCUSocialMedia Student Advisory Group. In other words, they (our students) basically won the award. Second, because of our climbing enrollment, we jumped up a division and competed with schools much larger than us. Coastal was lumped in the 10,000 – 19,999 enrollment group. As we had just barely eclipsed the 10K mark this past fall, we were in company with major universities with major resources. Lastly, we got to battle it out with my alma mater and former employer, the University of Montana. I owe so much to Montana and still follow them very closely but it is still fun to go up against them. The Griz placed in the category, earning the bronze award.

Coastal Carolina University received the gold award in the social media category for the Education Digital Marketing Awards.

Coastal Carolina University received the gold award in the social media category for the Education Digital Marketing Awards.


Three words: Pack and Debate. Don’t Blink.

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