A Thursday Rundown Offer

After a week hiatus because of Thanksgiving, the Thursday Rundown is back. Have you missed it?

Oh Christmas Tree: Last Sunday, I went with Sidney’s family to the Home Depot Christmas tree lot. As we browsed, Sid’s dad and I pulled out and held up trees so the women (Sidney, her sister, and her mom) could pick the perfect one. Wait, I mean the perfect three. We came back home with a trio of trees; one for Sid & Court’s house, one for the parents’ house, and one for the house of Court’s boyfriend. The sisters spent the rest of the day decorating their tree and I must say it looks fabulous. In other Christmas tree news, I also put up my tree in my living room.

Sid's tree is on the left and my tree is on the right.

Sid’s tree is on the left and my tree is on the right.

Offer: I wanted to offer my loyal Myrtle Beach Don’t Blink readers this opportunity before I post it on Facebook next week. On Wednesday, December 16, I will be flying home to Spokane for the holidays! However, my flight originates out of Charleston. Would anyone like to give me a ride from Myrtle Beach to Charleston at around 1:30 p.m. on that Wednesday? I will pay you $100 to do it. Please contact me if you are interested.

Foot in Mouth: Perhaps I should title this “blog in mouth.” Last night I wrote a post about my obsession with Candies cologne. I mentioned that it was a vital part of my personal brand. I said it was the cologne I have always worn and it will be the cologne that I will always wear (until it runs completely out)…

Well, when I published my post, Sidney was over at my apartment. Once it went live she read it. A couple minutes after she finished I could tell that something had upset her. I asked her what was wrong. She at first denied that anything was wrong. However, I continued to push the issue a little bit until she gave me an answer: She had bought me cologne for Christmas.

Teal Shaded Career: Every now and then I like to share my segments that I have the honor of doing for our university news show. This evening, I would be humbled if you watched the latest edition of the “Social Circle.” I explain the social media campaign I executed exclusively for our alumni audience and then showcase the great content they allowed me to work with. To watch, click here.

Take two minutes to watch my latest "Social Circle" segment.

Take two minutes to watch my latest “Social Circle” segment.

College Football Playoffs: If you are like me, there is nothing better than this Saturday. The best college football teams in the land will clash in their respective conference championships. This year, there is much at stake as many teams will be playing for a spot in the four team College Football Playoffs. Here is the thing: I am a Pac-12 guy at heart. Stanford must win and receive some help to even have a shot at making the playoff. I am pulling for the Cardinal. However, I don’t want just any team to stumble so they might get a bid. Experts say that a North Carolina upset of Clemson might pave the way for Stanford to get in. But I don’t want the Tigers to lose! Both of Sidney’s sisters and her brother-in-law went to Clemson. They are passionate fans of the team. That leaves me to root hard against Alabama in the SEC championship. So, with that said… Go Cardinal! Go Gators! Go Tigers! Go Griz!


Enjoy the weekend, my friends. Thank you for your readership. Don’t Blink.

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