My iPhone Issues, Part II

In February of 2014, I wrote about three issues I was experiencing with my iPhone 5. Now, almost two years later, I have three different issues with my iPhone 5S. However, this time around I am not asking for help. I know what I got to do to solve the minor problems. But, for the sake of a blog post and for the satisfaction of a few people, I will outline my issues tonight.

Can’t View New Emojis – Perhaps I see no character on my phone more than the alien enclosed in the square box. Because I have neglected to update to iOS 9 (or iOS 8 for that matter) I can’t use, access, or view the cool new emojis released in the latest version. Why haven’t I conformed with the times? I have not had the storage available to do so. I know what you are saying right now…free up storage. Easy for you to say. I can’t get myself to go through and start deleting my 7,800+ photos. It isn’t even about losing the photos because I have always known I could just save them on a standard flash drive. You see, the real reason why I have let the images command all the space on my phone is because I have the silly anxiety of not having access to them on my device at any given moment.

I face that anxiety head on tonight. I will soon be dumping my photos on a mass storage device and deleting them from my phone. Not only will I now get to go nuts with the new emojis, I will also appease my friends and family. I guess operating on an old software update really messes up group messages.

I don't go hard on music and apps but I do like to take photos.

I don’t go hard on music and apps but I do like to take photos.

Stock Up on Those Chargers – I was so frustrated last night. I returned to my apartment from Sidney’s house and realized I had left my charger at her place. I depend on my iPhone to do my job, keep me informed, and to get me up in the morning so I knew I had to take immediate action. As Sidney lives 20 minutes from where I live, I went to the Wal-Mart 10 minutes away and bought a cheap $10 cord that would suffice for the night. I plugged it into my computer and watched as my batter life went up about a percent every five minutes.

I wouldn’t have been so mad if this exact same thing didn’t happen a little over a month ago. I left Sid’s to go work a Coastal football game and sure enough I left my charger at her house. Knowing I couldn’t do my job without a healthy charge on my phone, I stopped at the Wal-Mart right next to the university and bought the same model rinky-dink cord I purchased last night. Although I now have charging sources at my apartment, Sid’s home, and work, I am asking for high quality chargers for Christmas. These 3-foot-long cords with no adaptor just aren’t doing it for me.

I used this flimsy charger at work today.

I used this flimsy charger at work today.

Misplaced Apps Nothing is more confusing to look at than when I take my phone out of my pocket and realize something is a bit off. I get used to apps filling up my screen so it is a bit unsettling when I see an empty spot on one of my home screen pages. Even more infuriating is that I usually can’t place a finger on what app I accidentally deleted.

Do you know what I am talking about? If you activate a command on your iPhone you can make your app icons shake and all that is needed to delete is by pressing down on the one you want to get rid of. Depending on the type of pants I am wearing and what exactly I happen to be doing, I inadvertently delete apps much more frequently than I would like. When I notice I have done such a thing I usually can’t remember which app I deleted until the time comes down the road when I need to use it again. I need to get to the bottom of what pair of pants is conducive to app deleting and stop wearing them!


So there are my first world problems for you. Please excuse me while I get to deleting some photos. Don’t Blink.

One thought on “My iPhone Issues, Part II

  1. I have some of the same problems with my iphone 5c the. The updates definitely help with the bugs and glitches. I too suffer from picture anxiety lol. I have so many but I don’t know how to store them in the “cloud”. I also think they need to remake the newer iphone chargers in general. I have gone through two already the cord always seems to split right where you plug it into your phone. After awhile the wires are exposed and then you have to angle it just right to get a charge. (I am like to put purchases off like that lol) I recently bought one from the sprint store and it is about double the length of the regular chargers. It was 26 bucks but if anything goes wrong with this they will replace it for free!

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