Back to Business Thursday Rundown

After last week’s birthday-themed Thursday Rundown it is right back to the random, boring rundowns you are used to. Here we go…

Social Circle is Back! – My own social media segment on our University television show, “Coastal Now,” was miraculously picked up for a second season! Not only did they ask me back but I got an awesome new virtual set behind me. For my season two debut, I talked about the major impact our brand new teal turf has had on our social media efforts. To watch the segment, just click here.

I have a new virtual set this year!

I have a new virtual set this year!

Lee Brice Tomorrow – After last year’s very successful Darius Rucker show, our Office of Philanthropy is once again sponsoring another concert. Like in 2014, Coastal will be going country again. Lee Brice will perform inside our HTC Center tomorrow night. Armed with my all-access credential, I will be covering the show for #CCUSocialMedia. I don’t go to many concerts anymore so I am excited to once again hear some live music from someone of Brice’s stature.

Lee Brice will play on campus tomorrow night.

Lee Brice will play on campus tomorrow night.

Public Speaking Class – I was once again inside a classroom today covering the action for #CCUSocialMedia. While today’s class might not have matched the abstractness of Monday’s acting adventure, the students I covered this morning still had to be creative. It was COMM 341, the advanced public speaking class on campus. I watched as seven students delivered speeches about their favorite destination in the world. After those speeches, classmates who did not speak on this particular day offered critiques. The professor, Elizabeth Muckensturm, who I have talked with about social media before, also gave feedback. I enjoyed not only covering the class but also knowing that I would not have to speak!

These were the seven students who delivered speeches in today's class.

These were the seven students who delivered speeches in today’s class.

New Clubs – My big birthday present this year was a set of golf clubs! Last Thursday I could hardly contain my excitement as I picked them up from Dick’s Sporting Goods. That Saturday we had our sixth golf lesson and then on Sunday, Sidney and I played our first round of golf together! We simply played nine holes at a Par-3 but it was great to get out there by ourselves and break in my new clubs. Sidney broke them in a little better than me as she beat me by a stroke!

I got my new clubs and Sid got her first win.

I got my new clubs and Sid got her first win.

Wedding Update #9 – This past Tuesday, Sidney and I had our first Pre-Cana class. We have an absolutely wonderful sponsor couple who welcomes us into their home for these classes. Tuesday we talked a lot about our families and how they have influenced us to be the people we are today. Yesterday, Sidney and I went to the community center of St. Andrew where our pastor, Father James LeBlanc, discussed holy matrimony in the Catholic church. He went over marriage, divorce, and annulments in great detail. While of course we are just focused on marriage, we wanted to get an idea on specifically what the church teaches about it all. It was also a great opportunity to hear the questions of others and to personally chat with Fr. LeBlanc.


This week has seemed to fly by. Enjoy your weekend everyone and, as always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Don’t Blink.

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