Let’s Run It Down Again

It has seemed like the time between last Thursday and this Thursday has flown by. But that is a good thing because I always look forward to my Thursday Rundowns. Off we go…

Putt Putt Mania – I mentioned in the recap of my brother’s weekend here in Myrtle Beach that we played some putt putt over the few days he was here. Perhaps the word “some” is a little bit of an understatement. We played four different courses, totaling 72 holes of miniature golf fun. The courses we played were eclectic and diverse. On Friday night we played Mt. Atlanticus, on Sunday we played Shipwreck, and on Monday we played a doubleheader with a round at Jurassic Mini Golf first and then a round at Jungle Lagoon second. I enjoyed showing Glen one of Myrtle Beach’s signature pastimes. The competition wasn’t bad. Glen won the first two rounds but I registered a victory of my own at the Jurassic course. When it came to the fourth location I was ready to equal him in wins but it wasn’t to be. SIDNEY came out of nowhere and defeated us both.

We took a photo at each course we visited. Going clockwise starting with the image in the upper right hand corner: Mt. Atlanticus, Shipwreck, Jurassic, Jungle Lagoon.

We took a photo at each course we visited. Going clockwise starting with the image in the upper right hand corner: Mt. Atlanticus, Shipwreck, Jurassic, Jungle Lagoon.

I Spy – When you work in higher education, the best type of recognition you can get is from students. Our Atheneum Newsletter here at Coastal Carolina has an “I Spy” feature that highlights a staff or faculty member each month. The featured employee is nominated by someone of the campus community. A student here wrote in about me. Because of that, I was spotlighted in the September issue. To view the story, click here. Thanks Lindsay for nominating me and thanks to Lauren for the great piece.

Click the image to read the article on me.

Click the image to read the article on me.

Happy Birthday, Mikayla – My niece turned a year old this past Saturday. I still remember September 5, 2014, sitting on the couch in my apartment receiving updates on how the delivery was going. My mom told me that at this particular hospital chimes would play whenever a new baby was born. She sent me several texts that traveled across the country telling me that the baby had not yet entered the world. Finally, she sent me a text that simply said “I think I heard chimes.”

Although Mikayla had her first birthday last weekend, the celebration is this Saturday. I received an invite to her party but will unfortunately not be making the cross country trip. Sidney and I sent gifts home with Glen and we will definitely be there in spirit. Happy Birthday, Mikayla!

This is the invitation I received for Mikayla's birthday party.

This is the invitation I received for Mikayla’s birthday party.

Football, Football, Football – Tonight the NFL season gets underway. This excites me quite a bit my greater love, college football, has been going on the past couple of weeks. I genuinely love football season and can’t wait for this first weekend of both college and NFL games. Until Coastal enters the FBS I can still cheer for my favorites at that level as I root for Notre Dame and Washington State. Of course the Chants are my favorite when it comes to the FCS and I still have a soft spot for the Montana Grizzlies. When it comes to the NFL, it is all about the Seattle Seahawks! How about a third straight appearance in the Super Bowl?!

Wedding Update #9 – The biggest update I have for you is that tomorrow it will be exactly NINE MONTHS until Sidney and I tie the knot. Also, the flower girl dress that Sidney’s beautiful niece will wear has been picked out. For those in Myrtle Beach who have an idea of the area, we will be having our reception at Waterway Palms Plantation.


Tomorrow is September 11. Please take a few minutes to think about all those who lost their lives or were impacted. Have a fabulous weekend. Don’t Blink.

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