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Several months ago on Facebook you could play along with an interactive map and count all the states you had visited. For some of the garbage that goes through the newsfeed, I actually thought this offering was pretty cool. I completed it myself but then forgot about it.

Today someone randomly mentioned the state of Maine. Since I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the state, it got me thinking once again about that map I completed on Facebook. Wanting a quick topic to write about tonight, I thought I would recognize the three states I would like to visit that I haven’t yet. Then, for good measure, I thought it might be good to write a quick sentence detailing my fondest memory from each state that I have visited throughout my time living in this nation.

This is my personal map of states I have and have not visited.

This is my personal map of states I have and have not visited.

Out of the 21 states I have not visited, I would most like to visit these three:

Hawaii – Absolute no-brainer. I would love to go to this tropical island and do all the tourist offerings. I would be so excited to interact with the local people and check out the blue water.

Texas – Out of all the states I have not been to, this one surprises me the most. I would have thought that by now work or leisure would had pulled me in that direction. Texas is a hotbed for both professional, college, and high school sports. I also know the state has some great food and I am intrigued by the “Everything is bigger in Texas” mantra. I just really have a desire to get inside state borders and feel that proud attitude.

Louisiana – My main desire for visiting Louisiana is to visit New Orleans. I want to visit that city so bad. It is just so colorful and historic that I don’t think I can resist for much longer. Of course I would love to get a taste of the Mardi Gras celebration.

Memories from States Visited

Arizona – Family vacation to visit my uncle and watch Washington State football in Sun Devil Stadium.
California – Going to Disneyland or watching three baseball games in Dodger Stadium with my brother.
Colorado – Spending time in Greeley with co-workers and friends while working for Grizzly Athletics.
Florida – Twice traveling with Monte to Orlando to compete in the Mascot National Championships.
Georgia – Visiting the Coca-Cola Museum or celebrating one-year anniversary with Sidney in Savannah.
Idaho – Going on a Christmas Eve cruise on Lake Coeur d’Alene with my family
Illinois – Stretching my legs at a random rest stop.
Iowa – Gambling at a casino in Council Bluffs (my least favorite state).
Kentucky – Eating a big steak dinner in the very Southern and small town of Paducah.
Maryland – Visiting Camden Yards for a couple baseball games with Sidney.
Massachusetts – Exploring Boston and witnessing the pride of the city just a week after the Marathon bombings.
Minnesota – Sipping on drinks at random airport bars over the course of probably 67 different layovers in Minneapolis.
Missouri – Eating at Lee’s Famous Chicken in Columbia (Yes, Missouri has a Columbia just like South Carolina does).
Montana – Going to college at the University of Montana in Missoula.
Nebraska – Attending the 2015 NCAA Tournament with the Coastal Carolina men’s basketball team in Omaha.
Nevada – Vegas Baby!! (about 10 different times).
New Mexico – Attending the 2012 NCAA Tournament with the Montana men’s basketball team in Albuquerque.
New York – Dream sports vacation with my dad and brother in NYC.
North Carolina – Going on a “Bar Rescue” tour with Sidney or touring the college town of Boone.
North Dakota – Paying over $1,000 in cash with Jimmy Gibson for Powerade while at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks.
Oregon – Vacations to the Oregon Coast with my family.
Pennsylvania – Visiting my high school friend Erik in Pittsburgh and exploring the city.
South Carolina – Working at Coastal Carolina University and meeting Sidney.
South Dakota – Spending the night in Spearfish with my dad.
Tennessee – Eating at an incredible BBQ place in Johnson City.
Utah – Road tripping it to Ogden and spending the weekend in warm temperatures in November.
Virginia – Visiting Arlington National Cemetery.
Washington – Being born and growing up.
Washington D.C. – Visiting all the historic sites and monuments.
Wyoming – Driving across the state’s hilly terrain.

Sorry if my memories bored you just a little bit. I literally jotted down what I remember most fondly about my time in each state, not the craziest story. Of course a goal of mine is to visit all the states but I got some work to do. For a little bonus information, I think my top three states that I have visited/lived in would be (in no particular order) Nevada, North Carolina, and Washington. Where will I visit next? You are probably wishing it is nowhere close to where you live. Don’t Blink.

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  1. If you like nature and thinks like that Brent, I recommend Ohio. Plus, you also have some bigger cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus which are nice. Very beautiful area, especially in the Fall.

    • Hi David – Three years ago I had a trip booked to Columbus. Was going with a friend who went to school at OSU. However, I had to cancel it last minute because one of the sports teams in the athletic department I was working in got hot and made the playoffs so I had to stick around and work the games. Sad I missed out on that opportunity but hopefully I will be able to make it up one of these days.

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