Carty’s Turn, Perfect Timing, Bye Bye April

On the cusp of an epic weekend in sports, I am back for the Thursday Rundown. Let’s get right down to the five topics. 

Carty’s Turn – After a long and shameful campaign by a small group of parents to derail Sean Carty of his football head coaching position at Mead High School, it is finally time for them to shut up. Coach Carty will submit his appeal to the principal tomorrow. I can’t imagine how life has been for Carty since this debacle started, forced to watch the screw job in silence. But now it is time for his side. Keep in mind that tomorrow starts just the first round of the process. If necessary, Carty would take it to the superintendent and then ultimately to the school board.

From what I have been told, the case against Coach Carty is much weaker and trivial than the group of parents let on. With the support he has garnered combined with his solid 14-year record at the helm, Carty has a chance. In fact, for the first time since I have started writing about this issue, I am going to say he has a good chance. If you have yet to write to the good man running the district, please feel free to send your letters of support to Superintendent Rockefeller by clicking here.

Sean Carty will finally have the floor to tell his side.

Sean Carty will finally have the floor to tell his side.

Teal-Shaded Summer – Yesterday I introduced our summer social media campaign to our audience here at Coastal Carolina University. I came up with something I am calling A Teal-Shaded Summer. Bribing our students with our really cool Chauncey sunglasses that everyone wants, I had all the volunteers I needed instantaneously to make this campaign a success. What will happen is our students will travel to their summer destination, pop on the shades, and take a photo. They will then submit the images to me and I will feature one student per day across our social media channels. As an astounding half of our student population is from out of state, these sunglasses will travel far.

The Teal Shaded Summer will kick off on May 25.

The Teal Shaded Summer will kick off on May 25.

Perfect Timing – With the firing of the Houston Rockets’ social media director and the uncomfortable back-and-forth between the Twitter accounts of the Yankees and Mets, we witnessed some bad practices in the social world this week. On Monday we released our latest “Coastal Now” episode and my segment seemed to highlight the alternative to the “shaming” route that seems so popular among organizations on Twitter. To view me addressing the benefits of acting with civility 140 characters at a time, click here.

I talk about the benefits that occur when organizations are civil on social media.

I talk about the benefits that occur when organizations are civil on social media.

End of April, Start of May – To be honest, I am not crying over April passing us by. For the first time in my life, I felt less than my best physically for the better part of a month. These South Carolina conditions just hit my previously untapped allergies like a ton of bricks. However, I am already feeling better as I look forward to May. Tomorrow will mark my one year anniversary of working at Coastal Carolina University. Immediately after finishing this post, I will start writing another one that will briefly commemorate my mini milestone. You can look for that post to be published at noon tomorrow.

Sports Weekend for the Ages – By now it has been well-documented…this is an unprecedented sports weekend. Take your pick between the NFL Draft, NBA Playoffs, Kentucky Derby, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, and NHL Playoffs. Well, of course you don’t really have to take your pick because most of us sports fans will be watching bits and pieces of them all. Personally though, I think I am most excited about the fight. The buildup has been extreme and it is taking place in my all-time favorite city, Las Vegas. I want the fight to go to the last round with Pacquiao knocking out Mayweather just before the final bell.


Have a great night my friends. Time now for me to start writing again so I can be finished by the time Jameis Winston is taken in the Draft. Don’t Blink.

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