My Critics

Now I know most of you think that what I write is The Truth. You think I can do no wrong, correct? This is your gospel, am I right? Okay, okay, okay I will stop there. I know some of you (okay, most of you) probably get irritated with what I write from time to time. Perhaps you have wanted to write a scathing message underneath my gibberish in the comments section. Perhaps you already have.

On a good day, my website will bring in over a thousand readers. With 30,000 views per month, you are bound to get some negative feedback…especially when you author such a terrible blog such as this one. Over the years I have had my fair share of criticism from people across the country. Some of the comments have been completely out of line while most of them have probably been deserving. I can ruffle feathers from time to time.

But in this day and age, the insult is the new compliment. Celebrities retweet the most horrendous rants about them for their 1.8 millions followers to see. Venom filled e-mails that are sent to companies are read out loud in meetings and laughed at. Columnists are known to take profanity-laced letters from readers and staple them to their walls. So in the same way that these people consider mean tweets/hate mail as a badge of honor, so do I in regards to my blog comments. How about we take a look at the feedback I get from my readers? (besides the comments that contain the F Bomb…those get automatically deleted by the system).

This came from my post yesterday about the five things I hate most about Jeopardy

Get a LIfe

A reader once questioned my loyalty to a state that I lived in for several years…

Hating Hard

Well, I don’t work for ESPN…


When I wrote about keeping a journal, my masculinity was questioned…

Come Back as Female

You aren’t the first person to tell me this…


I don’t blame you if you don’t read all of this…

Long Winded


These weren’t the first critical comments I have received regarding my blog and they won’t be the last. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog, even the ones who think I am a jackass. Don’t Blink.

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