Wanted: Graphic Designer to Create My Website Banner

For how obsessively I keep up my blog and all the hours I devote to producing new posts, I do admit that I have slacked in one very obvious manner: My website banner is embarrassingly out of date.

After over six months here in Myrtle Beach, my banner image still reflects my job and life I had while working at the University of Montana. The photoshopped image of me inside Washington-Grizzly Stadium has overstayed its welcome by about 200 days. For someone who preaches the importance of a solid and consistent personal brand, the fact that I have neglected to switch out the image that greets my readers when visiting www.brentreser.com is hypocritical.

It is time for this outdated banner to go.

It is time for this outdated banner to go.

Here is the truth though: While my design skills are passable, there are so many people out there who surpass my average capabilities. Instead of slapping together something that looks similar to what I have right now quality-wise, I much rather go with something that looks professional and inviting. To put it simply, I want one of my much more talented readers to design my new banner for me.

I am not looking for charity work. I will gladly pay whoever wants to take this project on. I want an image that captures where I am living and who I am. I also want it to look really cool. For a blog that receives thousands of views a month, I really need to take a step up from what I have right now.

To any of my readers out there, would you like to take this on? In addition to the website collateral that will be created I will need a version to fit my Facebook banner as well. Please text, call, tweet, Facebook, or e-mail me. If you can’t contact me one of those ways, please feel free to leave a comment underneath this post. Have a great weekend everyone. Don’t Blink.

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