A Twisted Story That I Love

The mysterious/creepy accounts started to occur in Bakersfield, California, a couple weeks ago. Now the sightings have spread to Florida and New Mexico. We aren’t talking UFO’s, bigfoot, or Ebola though. Instead, we are talking clowns; and not just any type of clowns might I add. Turning up when night time falls during this month of October are gruesome, blood stained clowns. Oh, did I mention they are carrying machetes with them?

Call me a little twisted, but I love this story. It is dark, unsettling, and sinister. Just the whole idea of evil clowns coming out when the sun goes down really catches my interest. The fact that little is known about them and that they have managed to get into the heads of citizens just adds fuel to the fire. Social media has done its part to blow this story up a few degrees and we now have a national phenomenon.

One of the Bakersfield clowns.

One of the Bakersfield clowns.

Now I personally think this whole thing is a brilliant publicity stunt by the people behind the demented face paint and masks but I got this question: Why haven’t alpha male vigilantes gone berserk on these clowns?

My understanding is that while the clowns are often showcased on social media, they are also actually seen preying the streets at night as well. With the reputation of these people now established, why hasn’t a car pulled over next to one and let these clowns have it?

This photo of a clown wandering up to a random house makes me smile.

This photo of a clown wandering up to a random house makes me smile.

I expect this violent response because I know personally how people react when they see a somewhat disturbing sight that they know doesn’t belong. In my early years of high school, just for fun, my friends and I would have fun with an alien costume. It consisted of a stereotypical alien mask with this long purple hooded robe complete with an intergalactic belt and a space thing you wore around the neck. Most often it would be me who would get inside it. During random days of the year I would stand on the side of the road and wave to cars that passed by…sometimes I would even stop them in the middle of the street. While many people would just laugh at the idiot in the alien costume, I did experience a couple times where the person or people in the car became very hostile toward me. In one instance, the guy threatened to do bodily harm to me. Looking back on it, I don’t blame him.

I guess my point is if people got so worked up about a dude in a corny alien costume, I can only imagine how bad some want to get their hands around the neck of a clown that very well could be giving their kid nightmares. Why haven’t there been any “revenge on the clowns” stories yet?

I am curious to see if the evil clown population spreads to even more states. South Carolina is real close to Florida, maybe we will get some roaming our streets. Let me make this proclamation: All clowns are welcome at the Alexan Withers Apartment Complex…the only stipulation is that you must take a selfie with me. Hope to see you soon. Don’t Blink.

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