Time Alone

Every now and then I like to say a few words about my Life’s Little Instructions thought of the day. The wisdom dished out for September 10 held some truth for me personally so please allow me to go on for a few brief paragraphs.

This was today's Life's Little Instruction.

This was today’s Life’s Little Instruction.

For those who can’t read iPhone photos of text, the thought says this: “To be happy when alone is an exquisite happiness.” I couldn’t agree more. Some people dread being alone, not me. I find peace and harmony locking myself in my apartment and writing, reading, Tweeting, and watching television. I don’t yearn for a big thrill, I don’t become restless, and I don’t become needy…I just become…well…happy.

Not that I am an anti-social loser either (at least not the anti-social part). I love my family more than anything, I have a great girlfriend, and I have a solid pool of friends living all across the country. But I do covet the time when I am alone. Notice how the quote defines the solitary happiness as an “exquisite” one. The word exquisite to me means very fine and top of the line. I think that describes my sense of joy when I am relaxed at home perfectly. It is just a stress-free, effortless type of existence.

I keep myself company very easily. I don’t get scared while alone. I don’t feel left out or like something is missing if it is a Friday night and I am home by myself. I don’t feel any negative emotions at all…I just feel joy.

I am an outgoing, people person but I am also a recluse. I love to travel and do things but I am also very appreciative of time alone. I really do enjoy the “exquisite” things in life. Don’t Blink.

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