Jeter, Intern, Bachelor Food, Football, and Mikayla

It is Thursday and after a break from the norm last week, I am back with my typical Thursday night random rundown. This week’s edition might be as insignificant and boring as ever so read below only if you have two minutes of your life to waste. Here we go…

Derek Jeter – I piped up at the halfway point of the Major League Baseball campaign and I am going to sound off again since the end of the regular season is just about here. The Derek Jeter farewell tour went way too far. I dare to even say borderline ridiculous. The whole MLB season was a devotion to Jeter. It was completely about his stats, completely about his stadium gifts, completely about his press conferences, completely about his every at-bat…completely about Derek. The man was christened a god. And for what? Because he stayed with the same team and put up Hall of Fame stats? As a Yankees fan myself, I hate to say that I am a little bit relieved that New York won’t be in the playoffs this October simply because it will end the Jeter hysteria.

Intern Help – The #CCUSocialMedia program got better this week as my brand new student intern started work for me. A couple weeks ago we held interviews to bring on someone who can assist me with our social media campaigns and goals at Coastal Carolina University. Jada Bynum worked her first day on Monday and I am so happy to have her on board. She is a Wall Fellows student which means she is one of the very top students at CCU and a much better person than I ever will be. Jada will take over Pinterest/Snapchat/Google+, contribute content to all of our social channels, and help me with all the essential tasks that go into building and maintaining a social media program. My number one hope for her is that she gets a great look at what goes into the social media marketer profession.

Take-In-Bake-Pizza – What is one reason you know you are a bachelor? You bring home a large take-in-bake pizza, cook it, and then eat off of it for a few days. When I moved to Myrtle Beach I was distressed to find out that there are no Papa Murphy’s locations. I salivate just upon thinking of the take-in-bake stuffed meat pizza I used to always get that would feed me for four days. However, I have had to adjust, and thankfully Costco offers a suitable alternative. After I finish this blog post I am heading to my refrigerator to pull out my Tupperware container filled with the pepperoni Costco pizza I baked last night. With take-in-bake pizza, it just gets better and better each night after you originally cooked it.

Me with my container of take-in-bake pepperoni Costco pizza.

Me with my container of take-in-bake pepperoni Costco pizza.

Football In, Movies Out – For a few months I was watching close to 4-5 movies a week. This has now changed. Hello football season!! With college ball and the NFL now in full swing, my evenings are no longer filled with awful Redbox movies but rather hard hitting football played under the lights. Thanks to Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football (an NFL game and at least one college game played), and of course Saturday evening college football I now have little use for movies. There is always at least one nationally televised college game on Friday night as well. Pretty soon, the Wednesday night college football games will be starting too! I always take the greatest game on the planet over movies.

Mikayla – My niece is now one day shy of three weeks old. Mikayla has been doing great and is gaining weight. I am just two months away from meeting her. The other day I got to Skype with the little baby! Here are some of her latest photos.

Here are some of the latest shots of Mikayla.

Here are some of the latest shots of Mikayla.


Well, you all know what I am going to do now…eat pizza and watch football! Have a great weekend and be safe. Don’t Blink.

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