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Today is the day I work extra hard and blog about five topics instead of one. Actually, I honestly save time writing briefly about five topics instead of an expanded commentary on just one. You know how I make these multi-topic blog posts even shorter? I barely say anything in the introductory paragraph. Let’s get to the content!

CCU Now a Pepsi Campus – Last week Coastal Carolina University officially became a Pepsi campus. Coca-Cola machines were taken out and replaced by blue machines carrying the flagship drink, Mt. Dew, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, and the other regulars on the Pepsi lineup. You might think a beverage provider is not a big deal but let me tell you…it is! On the first day of the change I asked our social media audience what their favorite Pepsi product was and the response rate was crazy. Of course we just didn’t find out about their favorite Pepsi drink, we found out about their opinion on the beverage provider switch in general. The verdict? CCU is very happy to have Pepsi on campus. Personally I am too, I have always preferred Pepsi over Coke.

One of our new Pepsi machines on campus. This one can be found in  the building I work in.

One of our new Pepsi machines on campus. This one can be found in the building I work in.

Peanut Butter Pie – Last Thursday, Sidney brought over a homemade peanut butter pie for me. She handed me the pie and it seemed like it weighed ten pounds. Made with peanut butter, cream cheese, whipped cream, butter, and Oreos (for the crust) it tasted like absolute heaven. She warned me to just take a little sliver of a piece because of its richness but I couldn’t help but get more after that initial piece. One week later and I am proud to say that I still have some left. I wish I could serve all of you a piece so you could taste something really amazing (and definitely NOT low-fat)!

It has been a whole week and I am pleased to report that I still have some pie left!

It has been a whole week and I am pleased to report that I still have some pie left!

Heaven is for Real – On Tuesday night I watched “Heaven is for Real.” The movie deals with a young boy who has a near-death experience and visits Heaven. When he returns his family struggles with telling the story to others, especially the dad’s church where he serves as the pastor. The movie is based on a true story.

I personally thought the movie was okay. I wish it dealt more with the actual near-death experience itself rather than the fallout it caused the dad with his church. I was looking for more images of Heaven and more details of his visit. I am fascinated by NDEs, as I wrote about two years ago, so I am a little surprised it took me this long to finally watch this movie.

Managing Digital Assets Upon Death – The other day I read an article about the trouble that occurs when a person dies with a large online presence but no direction in his/her will about what to do with the inventory. E-mail accounts, websites, blogs, social media, etc. still exist when someone passes on. For several years now I have been adamant that if I bit the dust I would want my social media accounts deleted. I find it a little creepy seeing a Facebook page of a deceased user. Obviously that person can’t respond to posts, can’t do anything if the wall is taken over by spam, and is powerless if the account ever got into the wrong hands and someone started to post on behalf of the dead person…talk about an upsetting issue. I would like my blog to live on in cyberspace and I could care less about what happens to my e-mail accounts. But it is important to have directions laid out for when the time does come.

Don’t Call Me That, Bro – If there is one thing I despise getting called it is “bro.” You know the context I am referring to, right? The type of vernacular where it is tacked on to the very end of a sentence such as “You mad, bro?” You will find many people who will use it constantly and without any regard to who they are talking to. I have heard individuals refer to females and their parents as “bro.” It makes me feel disrespected enough getting referred to in that way, I can’t imagine how girls and dads feel. It just sounds so uneducated and trashy. Please don’t call me bro.


Can’t wait for work tomorrow! My office is getting treated to a full out Southern meal with a very unique main course. I hope to write about it this weekend. Stay tuned for that and have a wonderful night. Don’t Blink.

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