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For the past four days a great deal of my work has centered around filming and editing videos for the #CCU Cold Water Challenge. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Diane Fabiano, a staff member at Coastal Carolina started off the whole campus initiative by performing the challenge on our bridge that crosses over Wall Pond. She called out five fellow staff members. The next day I filmed those five people and strung it into a video. Yesterday I did the same along with today.

However, one wrinkle did present itself this afternoon from the routine filming I had become accustomed to. I got to participate! Yep, right after our public safety officers all performed the challenge I bravely responded to my fellow University Communication staff member, Mona Prufer, who called me out yesterday seconds before she got water dumped on her. With my boss filming me and an employee from the finance department ready to douse me with a bucket of water I gave my talk.

This was me participating in the #CCU Cold Water Challenge today.

This was me participating in the #CCU Cold Water Challenge today.

Of course I added my own personal touch to it, how could I resist? A couple things you should know: I really didn’t get hit with freezing cold water. Because public safety brought more people over than arranged one of their guys got the icy cold bucket reserved for me. So the water you see me get hit with is actually from the fountain behind me. I still smell like chlorine four hours later. I am also not exaggerating about the heat in the video, well maybe I am by a few degrees, but it was mid-90’s today. Finally, I admit that I got it pretty easy with the water. Most of it landed below my neck and I was spared the freezing jolt that 95% of the people who take the challenge receive.

After the filming of my Cold Water Challenge I went into the office and edited the clips from that day’s participants to make the latest video. I then had a little fun and made my own personal video. To the people I called out you have twenty-four hours to complete the challenge. I am holding Kevin, John, and Seth to it. I am giving a pardon to Wally the Pond Turtle since he is a fictional character and I am also excusing Panther Kitty because he no longer lives on campus…and most likely is no longer even living on this earth (story for another blog post). So let’s get those buckets dumping again and if you are a reader in the Myrtle Beach area please let me know if you would like to participate in the #CCU Cold Water Challenge and I can get you set up. Don’t Blink.

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    • Nicole – Good to hear! I heard a couple people in the office say he was taken to a farm but I didn’t know if that was a euphemism for saying he was put down. Thanks for reading!

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