My Boring Week in Myrtle Beach

This past week was pretty tame for me. No crazy trips or major Southern milestones to brag about. With that said, it was very relaxing and nice. With the getaway weekends I have enjoyed recently and a major adventure coming up this next weekend, I wanted to lay low. However, I still managed to do a few activities and true to my form I now want to write about it. Here are the five low key things I did this past week:

Think Like a Man Too: Earlier in the week Sidney and I went to “Think Like a Man Too” at the Grand 14 theater in Market Common. Although personally not a big Kevin Hart fan and even though I had never seen the first one the fact that the film took place in Las Vegas drew me in. Also, Sidney wanted to see it. If you can handle the very large dose of Kevin Hart (I barely did) chances are you will enjoy the movie. I laughed out loud and thought the film’s crew captured Vegas pretty well. No need to rush to the theater to see it though.

My ticket to "Think Like a Man Too."

My ticket to “Think Like a Man Too.”

Ramando’s: After eating at seafood houses, BBQ joints, and burger places my first two months in Myrtle Beach I had a craving for some good Italian food. A couple weeks ago I noticed a hole-in-the-wall joint tucked away on one of the busy streets in the city. On Friday night Sidney and I went to go eat there. I didn’t even know the name of the place until we pulled into the parking lot, I just remembered it was an Italian place. Called Ramando’s, we walked past the guy sitting in a lawn chair staring at us in the parking lot and walked inside. A busy and simple restaurant, we got seated at a booth and had an older Italian gentleman with a thick accent wait on us. I had lasagna with minestrone soup and Sidney had manicotti with a salad. We enjoyed our dinners but we both agreed that my lasagna was better than her manicotti.

The Ramando's sign, my lasagna, and Sidney with her manicotti.

The Ramando’s sign, my lasagna, and Sidney with her manicotti.

Brant’s Burgers (and) Ice Cream: When we concluded our meal we went across the street to an ice cream parlor called Brant’s. It looked promising to me but when we walked inside I saw that the ice cream was supplied by Edy’s (the same thing as Dreyer’s out west). I personally enjoy the shops that make homemade ice cream but it wasn’t going to stop me from ordering something! I had cake batter ice cream in a fresh waffle cone and Sidney had a vanilla milkshake. Not going to lie, the place was sketchy. The two workers kept peeking outside the window looking at something and the handwritten sign announcing that both restrooms were “out of order” seemed strange. We stayed longer than we wanted as we waited out a huge storm that started right when we walked in.

The storefront of Brant's and a look at my ice cream.

The storefront of Brant’s and a look at my ice cream.

Early Morning Beach Walk: At the risk of sounding extremely corny, Sidney and I took a long walk on the beach Saturday morning. Strolling along the shore at 5:30 a.m. we almost had the whole beach to ourselves. The sky was breathtaking as the sun rose up into the South Carolina sky. The walk continued to prove to me that I am living in an absolute beautiful part of the country that a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to enjoy.

Me hanging out at the beach on Saturday morning.

Me hanging out at the beach on Saturday morning.

Conway Riverfest: Later on Saturday the two of us went to Conway’s early Fourth of July celebration. With vendors set up along the town’s river walk I got to experience a little bit of Conway life outside of the hours I spend on the Coastal Carolina campus. We spent time between the actual festival and various businesses in downtown Conway. A few highlights of Riverfest:
1. We got treated to a very nice fireworks show that took place over the river.
2. I tried deep fried Oreos for the first time.
3. I was able to hang out a little with Sidney’s sister, Courtney.

An image of the fireworks show we enjoyed.

An image of the fireworks show we enjoyed.


Fourth of July week is almost here! Besides my excitement of only having a four day work week I have some fun activities planned. Have a wonderful Sunday evening everyone. Don’t Blink.

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