The Little Changes (but big)

If it ever seemed that South Carolina wasn’t my home I can positively say that is not the case anymore. On this beautiful Saturday afternoon I can say that I have lived here for several days. I have worked out at the campus gym four times. I have started my job and got my feet wet. It has sunk in that I live in the south and that I am a Chanticleer.

Besides the big changes there are also the smaller changes. However, even though they are smaller when it comes in terms of life significance it doesn’t mean they don’t bring about a degree of hassle. I am talking about items such as an address change. Or an e-mail change. Or an employee identification number change. Or a locker and locker combination change. These things not only make you ditch familiarity they also force you to memorize new digits and words. It takes some getting used to.

But out of all these smaller changes there is one that topped them all for me. Yesterday I was handed a brand new iPhone 5S. With that phone also came a brand new phone number too. Yep, I am a bona fide South Carolina resident now!

The number I said goodbye to yesterday was previously the only personal phone number I had ever known. When I was a 17 year old high school senior I received my first cell phone with an area code 509 number I used up until yesterday morning. The University of Montana allowed me to keep my number when I got placed on their account for work because I was already under the Verizon family. But with a new provider in a new part of the country it was time that I got a new number.

Yesterday I got my new phone with my new number.

Yesterday I got my new phone with my new number.

I have spent the past 24 hours notifying my family and necessary entities that rely on my phone number for contact about the change. I haven’t even started reaching out to my friends yet. With that said, please contact me via Facebook Message or Twitter Direct Message if you would like my new number.

I am in the middle of my first weekend here in Myrtle Beach. After a good workout in the rec center this morning I got to run on the University’s outdoor track. I also did some more moving necessities such as ordering checks from my new bank and making a trip to the post office. Don’t worry, I managed to sneak a little pool time in too. Tonight I am off to a great local Myrtle Beach restaurant that overlooks the ocean. I am hungry and excited.

Since I am having a good weekend it is only fair that you have a good weekend as well. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy some relaxation. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Don’t Blink.

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