Results and Character

Many of you know that I send out a quote from the Life’s Little Instructions series each day (for the full story on how this got started, go here). Although some are incredibly stupid every now and then I will see one I like and stash the calendar page in a special place. Earlier this month I came across one that seemed to especially speak to me at the current stage in my life. It read: “An impressive resume may get you a job, but it’s character and results that keep it.”

This instruction from May 6 spoke to me.

This instruction from May 6 spoke to me.

With exactly one month in the books working at Coastal Carolina University I have tried to take this attitude into the office each day. I think what makes this instruction so valid is that it addresses things we can control.

While others around me and extenuating factors will contribute to my success, when it all comes down to it the results regarding CCU Social Media start and end with me. Each day I am trying to do all I can to make the university look good on a social level, go above and beyond the job I was hired to do, and follow through on the vision and promises I made to the people who hired me. I am results-driven and every single day I am putting myself on audition. I really want to impress.

But while I can’t say with 100% certainty that I will deliver on the results in the way that they should be delivered, I know that I can maintain my character day in and day out. Each morning when I wake up in beautiful Myrtle Beach I have the choice to act in a way that will recognize, inspire, and help others or act in a way that is counterproductive. I choose the former.

One month down and I am so happy that I am in this position at Coastal Carolina. I want to be the absolute best employee possible and bring honor to this university that has given me a life changing opportunity. If I remember to deliver the two things this instruction mentions, results and character, I know I will do just that. Don’t Blink.

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