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Last week I made a major career decision as I accepted a position at Coastal Carolina University. On May 1 I will officially start my duties as the Social Media and Online Marketing Coordinator at the school. With such a life changing adventure ahead of me I definitely have many emotions inside of me and a lot of words I want to say to numerous different people. But I still have four weeks to get all that out. Tonight I will just offer the basics.

At my new position at Coastal Carolina I will no longer work directly in athletics. Rather I will have the task of developing and overseeing the social media program at the university as a whole. Working in the University Communication office I will get firsthand experience working with marketing, licensing, and public relations folks on a day-to-basis. It is an amazing opportunity.

But the job opportunity itself, although the primary reason, is not the sole factor on why I am moving across the country. First off, I can’t wait to work for the people who hired me. During the search process I was treated like a king and made to feel extremely valued by a couple vice presidents and a very well established public affairs director. To have people of that stature spend time on me made me feel extremely honored and wanted. Then there is the whole Myrtle Beach thing too. People I am close to know my strong preference for a warm climate. The fact that the area is right on the ocean helped as well. Finally, earning a higher salary, although not what I base my existence on, definitely factored in.

When I visited Coastal Carolina in March for my on-site interview I had a hotel room with a balcony that overlooked the ocean.

When I visited Coastal Carolina in March for my on-site interview I had a hotel room with a balcony that overlooked the ocean.

Of course distance from my family will be the toughest obstacle to overcome. But we do live in a world where thousands of miles can be reduced to a few inches with Skype and FaceTime. I will manage. I also am sad to leave Grizzly Athletics. Although I am so ready to leave the state of Montana I love the people I work with and the job I get to perform here.

Just a quick timeline for my dedicated readers: My last day working for Grizzly Athletics is Wednesday, April 16. I will then spend a few days including the Easter weekend with my family in Spokane. From there I will make the trek across the country on my new adventure. My official start date at Coastal Carolina is May 1.

Early in March I got to visit South Carolina for my on-site interview and while in the area and on the campus I knew the place was right for me. Although I know the nerves will probably hit me in the coming weeks I am 100% confident in my decision and I am excited for the things to come. The outpouring of support that has greeted my announcement has already exceeded anything I imagined and I am incredibly thankful. You are all welcome to join me via Don’t Blink as I go on this ride. Don’t Blink.

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