Taking Time to Nap

I usually don’t take naps. For starters I normally never have time to take one. When I do have an hour of free time I rather do nerdy things like blog and tweet. Besides, in the past when I have taken short snoozess I have usually always felt worse when I woke up. Groggy, on edge, and hungry I wake up with a feeling of guilt and wasted time. However, sometimes I do find the perfect time to sneak a nap in.

Take this Saturday afternoon for example. After working the morning at our football scrimmage I came home to relax. At halftime of one of the NCAA Tournament games I decided to go from sitting on my comfortable couch to lying down on it. With the wind howling outside and nothing at the present moment to tend to I shut my eyes and fell asleep for about thirty minutes.

I felt completely at peace, had vivid dreams, and had the assuring sense in the back of my head that when I got up I would have basketball to watch. When I did open my eyes I didn’t feel guilty. I still had a full Saturday ahead of me and the nagging hunger that I usually have upon awakening was suppressed, most likely by the lunch I gobbled up minutes before I dozed off. It was totally worth it.

I think everyone can use a nap every now and then, even the guy who is obsessively fond of saying Don’t Blink. The time and the state of mind just need to be right. Now that I am good on naps for another six months it is time to go back to watching the tournament and of course blogging and tweeting. Don’t Blink.

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