The Drugless Methods I Use to Fight the Cold/Flu

I like to say cold viruses hit me really hard but let’s face it, I am sure everyone else experiences the same discomfort and misery that I do. Coming down with a sickness is no fun at all. It can ruin moods, cut productivity, infect others, and make life not as enjoyable. Unfortunately most of us get sick a couple times a year and we just have to deal with it. Everyone seems to cope with their ailments differently, both medication wise and psyche wise.

I used to be the type of person who let my nasty sickness overcome me so much that I wanted to punch my computer screen as hard as I could. Despite taking a drug plan that would eventually get me better I scorned the time it took to bring me tangible results and I became negative. Exactly a year ago at this time I realized drugs alone wouldn’t lead me to a speedy recovery. It became known to me that I could suffer a one week cold sentence and hate life the whole time or I could do my best to enjoy life as much as possible despite my discomforts. I started to buy into the latter option.

Bottom line, drugs can only cure you over time. They lessen symptoms to make you feel a little more comfortable until the sickness has ran its course. It is not enough. In order to truly battle the crud without totally losing out on a week of life you have to take non-medical measures as well. I have a short list of three drugless measures I take to combat cold and flu season to make sure I don’t let the sickness get the absolute best of me. Tonight I would like to share these remedies with you.

1. Positivity: When I mentioned the transformation I went through a year ago with my changed outlook on feeling crummy I really focused on staying positive. In fact, I even wrote a whole blog post devoted to this crucial step of defeating the cold and flu. As I have said numerous times in Don’t Blink, it is all about perspective. At the time a cold can feel like the worst thing ever. But we have to remind ourselves that we aren’t battling cancer, we aren’t on death row, and we aren’t burning at a stake. We have a common virus that will clear up very soon. Life is good.

Besides actually taking solace in having a minor ailment compared to a major ailment I also just think positive in general. I think about things such as fun events coming up, the countdown to summer, the upcoming weekend, and the people I like. As the nose gets stuffier and my eyes get redder I try to visualize these thoughts harder and harder.

2. Stay Busy: If you keep yourself totally busy and immersed on work and projects you can lessen your symptoms to a degree. Lots of people will say that when you are sick it is harder to focus and keep on task. Well yes, that is true, but most of the people who say this will then throw their hands up in the air and say getting anything done is a lost cause…major cop out. If you do put in the energy and discipline into getting as much done as possible you can curb your ailments. At work I try to get even more done than on healthy days and at home I continue to write blog posts and do other self-improvement activities. When I am concentrated on something other than my nagging cold I feel much better.

3. Working Out: Some people tell me I am crazy for this one but I swear by it. Even when I am sick as a dog I still work out. Why? Because when I do I experience the most relief I get all day. For whatever reason when I am at the gym while I am sick the strength of my symptoms dramatically decrease. My head clears for that hour and I am able to engage in a good exercise session. Again, like above, I think it is more of an excuse to say that you shouldn’t work out while you are sick just so you don’t have to work out. If more people actually gave their bodies a good sweat when they aren’t feeling too hot they would experience some nice relief.


So in addition to my DayQuil and NyQuil I am also keeping positive, staying busy, and working out. Before I know it I hope to be back to 100% and talking in a voice that doesn’t sound like death. The common cold is not something I am going to let hijack a week of my life. Don’t Blink.

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