One Simple New Year’s Resolution for Social Media

Last night I breezed through Facebook and Instagram and read many statuses from my friends summarizing 2013. First thing I noticed? I think more people should take up a blog like me! Numerous friends of mine composed novels about this past year on social media. Both Facebook and Instagram seemed to have never ending block paragraphs about 2013. The second thing I noticed? It seemed like a high percentage of the people I connect with on these social outlets had a pretty miserable year. Many friends shook their fists at 2013 and held nothing back regarding their joy that the end of the calendar year was very near.

With this last slew of negative posts and with 2014 now upon us, it has inspired me to offer a special new year’s resolution for all of us regarding social media: Be positive. In 2014, I think we should strive to post much more positively on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Let’s resist the urge to criticize, whine, complain, cry out, and hold pity parties.

First off and most importantly, this resolution is worth striving for on an individual basis. If we feel crummy and angry, I think posting about it on social media just magnifies these feelings. It makes us dwell on unpleasant circumstances. Now I know some might say that airing out your every emotion can serve a therapeutic purpose but I call hogwash on that theory when directly applying to social media. Using no filter to freely list our shortcomings, insecurities, and disappointments is very counterproductive. Not only does it drive home the bad feelings we are experiencing even more, it portrays us as unconfident and weak to others. I strongly encourage a journal or a trusting friend to serve as your venting outlet.

Secondly, this resolution is worth striving for on a communal basis as well. Let’s face it, when there is a negative person in a work place or on a team, it impacts everyone. Same goes for online groups as well. Many of us do so much to make sure our own personal psyche is right, the last thing we need is to let the outside negativity of others get in our heads. Even if we don’t directly notice it, depressing and angry posts can subconsciously sidetrack us. As a courtesy to others, we really should do all we can to cut down on producing negative social media content.

Just because I am challenging all of us to cut down on social media negativity, I am not advocating that everyone should post five overly happy Facebook posts and send out ten “high on life” tweets a day. Those people can be just as annoying as the negative users. I am just saying that if you want to post something and you can choose between a negative experience or a positive experience, go with the positive experience. If you only have a negative experience, refrain from posting.

Regarding daily life in general, we should all strive to be more positive in 2014. Obviously this will trickle down and reflect in our social media activity. But if we can’t reach that goal right away, let’s start small with social media. Let’s do ourselves and others a big favor and cut out the negativity when posting to our favorite social outlets. It will make a difference. Don’t Blink.

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