Boston Bound

Sitting here in the Missoula airport I know I have a long day of traveling ahead of me. Transporting from one side of the country to the other is never quick and always exhausting. However, the destination and the experiences that await me on the east coast make the travel hassle oh so worth it.

I am off to the city that is currently the center of the nation, if not the world. By the end of the day I will be in Boston, Massachusetts. Even before the tragic events of ten days ago I knew this trip would bring a lot of significance and memories to my life but after what those two troubled young men did I know now that my time in Beantown over the next four days will be a very special time.

I am off to Boston on what will be a memorable trip.

I am off to Boston on what will be a memorable trip.

This trip started off as a dream sports weekend. While it is still definitely that, there is an added element thrown in. I will not just be observing some of the most prominent professional teams competing in some of the most famous sporting venues but I will be observing the strength and resolve of a great city during a tumultuous and (with the elimination/capture of the murderers) triumphant time.

I am traveling to Boston with my friend “Money” Mike. It is his birthday weekend and he invited me to go along with him to celebrate his special day in the city he loves watching his favorite team. We got quite the itinerary lined up…

On Friday night we will enter the most historic ballpark in the country and watch the Boston Red Sox host the Houston Astros. The next night we will return to Fenway Park and watch another Red Sox game. Sunday we will catch some NBA playoff action as the Boston Celtics host the New York Knicks in Game 4 inside the TD Garden. Between all the sporting events, Mike will be showing me all Boston has to offer. We will be visiting the historic sites, checking out a Presidential library, viewing a famous cathedral, walking through old neighborhoods, exploring museums, eating local delicacies, and getting the most out of an amazing city. I can’t wait.

As I will be busy enjoying my time in Boston, I will be on hiatus from Don’t Blink through Monday. However, I will be back better than ever on Tuesday with plenty of experiences to write about. Thanks again to all my readers for your continued support. I will be thinking about you while on the east coast. Don’t Blink.

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