Utah Road Trip

Time for a road trip! Later this morning I will be hitting the road in a journey that will eventually lead me to Ogden, Utah, where the Griz football team will face off against Weber State this Saturday. However, a couple items make this final football trip of the season a little unique.

First off, my usual travel partner, Jimmy, will not be joining me on the trip as he is attending to business in Dallas. In his place is the director of football operations, Roland, who will be handling advance travel logistics with me.

Secondly, this trip is a little split up. Keep in mind that the drive to Ogden is about eight hours. Hauling a football team in buses for that long can be strenuous. To combat that, we will drive to Pocatello, Idaho, today, spend the night, and then make the other half of the drive to Ogden on Friday. This whole time, Roland and I will be a few hours ahead of the buses, making sure everything is set up when the team arrives at each destination.

After spending the night in Utah on Friday, our team will kick off against Weber State at 1:40 p.m. on Saturday. Then after the game concludes, we will make the long trek back to Missoula with no overnight stop. I will definitely have my energy drinks handy. Please keep in mind that over the next few days while traveling I will not be blogging or utilizing social media. Look for my blog/SM presence to be back on Sunday. Let’s hope for great roads and another Griz victory! Don’t Blink.

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